Cozy Cafe, Jalan Song

Feeling hungry for something different on lunch time? Another place you can think of will be this restaurant - The Cozy Cafe. It is opposite One TJ with a black signboard. The environment is indeed cozy and warmth.

Taste wise not bad but I can say that the service is a little weird. We order tea and they only permitted to give us 2 cup. Hhmmmm, I thought that we can just ask them to refill the pot wit hot water and share the tea amongst us. Guess this is how they earn more - limiting the number of sharing per tea pot. Oh well, got to just follow their rules.

And this is what we ordered - sharing portion between a few of us. After all, ladies are small eaters.

Mushroom soup with garlic bread

Fish and chips

Spaghetti Carbonara with hot dogs 
Enjoy your lunch yea...


Rose said…
Look good. Price is reasonable too I assume??
Coffee Girl said…
Should try the bacon pizza next time too. It's nice!
Anonymous said…
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Ronak Shah said…
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Jong Fui Fa said…
I'm having Chicken Teriyaki Rice at Madam Tang's now :)

Was looking nice at my 2008 post, decided to follow your link to see if you're still blogging.

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