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Darwin - the world laziest dog....

That's the name I gave to my own dog. He can be as lazy as a pig. Even when he is eating, he doesn't care so much about eating in proper way.

"I wish I could have some drumstick tonight, while enjoying the luxury of comfort", Darwin sigh .. hehehehee ...

He is about 7 years old. The things that he enjoy most is sleeping with air-conditioner. Too bad, I can't record his voice when he is dreaming. "Go away, go away from my food!!", that must be what he is doing in his sweet dream...

Another snap shot of him, showing how innocent he is. Hey, do not get trick by him. That's one of his tactic to ask for more food and love!
This is Abby .. looking at me, as I am holding her grey ball while my friend is preparing the camera. She is relaxing at my friend bed. Enjoying the soft "floor" while munching the toy.

See how innocent she make herself as her master is trying to get a picture of her. Guess, she is imagining lightning when she sees the flash from the camera. "Please don't strike my ball " haha, that must be what she thinks ..... She is cute, isn't her?