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Cherish the Time, Cherish Loves One

When time passes us, it will never going to be back again. Although we watch movies like "The One", "Back to the Future" in which it is possible to go back to our past, but that is all movies. While we still breathing, we should cherish the time we had now and be grateful that we still here. Some people dies with regrets. Is that what we want? What is more important in our life? When I watch one Indonesia series, although the movies is never ending but it teaches me one thing.

What we want may not be the best for us. Things that important for us, especially our loves one must be in priority of all. Our needs and desire may not be as important as others. Argument and quarel are just the enemy of life. SK once say this "If others can't change themselves, we must try to change ourselves". Although this is actually referring to something else, but it should also be apply into our daily life.

I have learnt that what we want may not be what we will get. May…

Hard Headed Feelings

Dedicated to those who have been hurt or felt lost ...

Feelings is fragile,
Broken heart is never easy,
Once broken,
It's hard to mend

Sometimes, things happens out of bound,
Without us knowing, it hurts us,
That's not the point,
For us to be out of controlled.

Bad feelings contribute in unhappiness,
Good feelings gives us joy,
Controls our feelings wisely,
Don't let feelings play our minds.

We all been hurt,
But it's not the reason,
To change our life,
But to learn and to adapt.

I have been sad & happy,
Life is short,
Thus, I pray to God to help us,
To live life happy and grateful.

Sweet Memories of My Principle - Mdm XXX

While talking to Jen on meebo, it reminds me of some memories of the secondary time. Sweet memory but also scary memory.

We are talking about our principle at that time. She is a very disciplined and indeed with her, the school is peaceful and students are indeed discipline too. BUT the reason that we all are discipline is because she is extremely FIERCE (at least, for me she is fierce).

I still remember there are one times, where it is Moral lesson. The teachers thought giving us all some break and let us study on our own. So some of us study Sejarah, some study other subjects. I remember that I'm studying Sejarah that time. Our principle walked passed our class and realize that all the student are looking at multiple different subjects. She walked in and asked all those that looking at non Moral books to see her one by one in her room. Although it has been explained by our teacher that she gave us permission to study on our own, our principle say "Moral lesson should study …