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Dine at Flinders - Jalan Song

New food in town!!!!!

I think this is a sub company of Pizza Junction. They have the menu from pizza junction. I dare not touch pizza from pizza junction anymore after I got allergy from the last meal I had there.

So, what's good in flinders? They have a lot of variety of western food. Price wise is reasonable too. The waitress is quite polite and helpful.

The only thing that I don't really like about this place is that the food takes too long to arrive. Not only that, the air-conditioned is off at 9.00pm. Well, I still want to hang out and not getting myself suffocated inside here. So, for those who don't plan to hang out till 9.00pm, this is the place that you can consider. Food wise, not much comments.
Here's the food that we order....