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Salmon Fest at Sanga

This is actually quite a late post. When we had this dinner, I remember my girl just starting to recognize people at that time.

We have been talking about this dinner for quite some time. Its all about salmon - salmon fried rice, salmon sushi, salmon soup, salmon, salmon, salmon!!!!

Now, why everything is salmon? We ordered one big salmon fish and ask the cook for us. Enjoy, right? Hehehehe ...

Girls Night at Rakutei

For one of my gal friend's birthday, we went for a private dinner at Rakutei. It's quite a fun night as we play some games and really enjoying the moment. Its been a while since the last time that we gather like this.

I've accidentally deleted the single picture in my phone. Should have keep a copy of all of them.. Haaihzzz..

I left with only one copy with all the foods that I amend.

Yum yum ... !!

Jalan Jalan Cari Makan - KL

This will be another short post. After a while of silent from blogging, I find it quite hard for me to write long posting that I use to do.

Not long ago, I went to KL for business trip. It's a very short trip though - Morning fly, back on the next day evening. Hehehe...

I've tried several types of food which I can't find in Kuching. Some are nice. I'm sure I'm going to go again in my next trip in December. Hehehehe...

Most of my pictures now do not have my blog printed on it. I guess I don't have much time now to do and amend all the photos. Hehehe ...