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Luxurious Dinner - Sponsored by Organizer

I must say that IEEE conference is really professional even in satisfying our desire for food. I enjoy the food at the conference very much. From the conference, I get to taste almost all types of japanese expertise - unagi, tempura, sushi and lots more.

Not going to talk much about the conference but to let pictures speaks for me .. Hehehe..

What's for lunch?

Dining at Tsuburi, Osaka, Japan

For the next few posting, this blog is going to be filled with food and nothing but the gorgeous FOOD topic!!
In one of my dinner time in Japan, I found this unique shop that starts its business hours from 11am onwards. It is actually right opposite my hotel. The shop is really packed like sardine during lunch time and yet they can manage it with only 2 people (cook and helper). It's really amazing!

So, what is unique about this place? First, this is actually a self-service place where you go to the counter, place your order, pay and wait for the food. Then, bring the food to the table, finish up your food and bring back the plate to a designated rack. That's not it. You need to throw away all remainder of the food in one bin, recyclable rubbish into one bin and non-recycle into another bin.

OK, this may not sound so unique. The reason I came here is because I want to try eating while standing. Yeah, there's no chair here and those who came here obviously is rushing for tim…

Namba City, Osaka, Japan

Nanba or Namba, is a must to go place in Osaka. It is something like Indian Street in Kuching but is covered with roof even on the road. Inside Namba station, there's 2 stories underground and 2 stories above ground shopping mall. The place is so huge that I lost my way on my second trip over here.

I met a guy who works in the mall, at the pharmacy area. He knows Korean, Chinese, English and Japanese. Wow!!!! Anyway, I didn't take pictures of him. He thought that I'm from Korea. Lol...

Outside Namba station, you can see a huge places for you to get some souvenirs home. Of course, the price of the items here is not affordable for me. Haha!
Namba Park is located about 15 minutes from Namba station. I didn't go there though because the moment I stepped out of the station, I'm amazed and shock with the place. It's so WIDE!!! I passes by Donburi (I think is an eatery place) and later, lost my way.

I really loves Japan. Everywhere, there's policeman who will guid…

Osaka Science Museum

The Osaka Science Museum is based on the themes of universe and energy. Here, you can learn a lot about what science brings to us and how science progresses through time. The simulations that they have here really brings interest for us to learn more and more about science. I am actually amazed at this place than learning about science. lol!

The first floor have planetarium, a reproduction of the evening sky on a gigantic screen and omnimax theater. I didn't go for this two though because according to the ticket lady, it's in japanese. Oh well, if its in Japanese, I surely not going to get advantages but instead wasting my money.

I started my journey from the top floor. I can't remember al the things that I see (the scientific term), so I think I better just showed the picture rather than trying to be a scientist. Lol..