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Creative Thinking - RM1 Coin into Accessories

Last week, when I have my routine weekly pasar malam schedule, there is one stall that captures me.

It's not any stall selling veggies or meats or fish. It's a stall selling fake gold ring and fake gold necklace. Some of you might be wondering why am I attracted to the fake gold ring. Well, it's because I know from what item did they use to transform the ring!

At the tables, the owner display all sorts of rings and necklace, ranging from babies size to matured males ring size. At the other side, they put all the RM1 coins. Years ago, M'sia government had obsoleted the used of RM1 coins.

I guess there are some individuals that had think of a way to fully utilize the use of these coins. Indeed, i have to admit, they are creative! I'm curious whether these rings would be able to last long.

So, bought myself 1 piece of the ring with the words "Love".
Anyone interested? Well, just try your luck at the MJC Batu Kawah Pasar Malam, every Thursday & Friday.

Prayer Heals

Specially Contribute from

Prayers, lot of prayers, and positive thinking - these have saved my uncle, Kanding Mambak, from dying from cancer. He was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis which caused cancer about 2 months ago (in March, 2009). About 5 percent of patients with cirrhosis get cancer of the liver. His reading was 7,000 compared with normal people with reading 29. Meaning, it was already too late to do anything. And to make the matter worst, for your information, cancer could double every 24 hours!

The doctor at Sarawak Government Hospital, Kuching (SGH) gave him two options; ONE, take chemotherapy and survive for another two months (only!?); or TWO, go back home and enjoy the last 1 month to live (and hope for miracle to happen). That's certainly not the thing that we want to hear from our doctor. As if we are reading the "Book of Life", found our names and see the times of our deaths. As if the Angel of Death whispering to our ears. As if our world coll…

Bak Chang Day

Yahoooo!! Bak Chang day is here! The truth, I don’t know what it meant. Hahaha… In other words, it is a day where Chinese family would prepare some ‘bak chang’ for sell or for family members. Anyway, HAPPY BAK CHANG DAY!! The goodnews is that god mum had prepared some bak chang for me too. Yeah…Of course, being the greedy eater, I ate 1 when I went there and another one the next day. Hehehe... God mum had been nagging to ask BF eat more as he is too skinny. Haha!!

Mr. Kuching 2009

Last Saturday, there are contest of Mr. Kuching 2009 at The Spring. Well, it’s not like Ms Kuching where there are ladies with extremely sparkling dress with outstanding make up all over their face. Mr. Kuching wears only underwear! Hhmmm.. Let me not make everyone confuse. Mr. Kuching is organized by the Sarawak Body Building Association. Therefore, it is a contest to see who have more muscles. In other words, it is actually a body building contest for all members of the association.The stage is decorated in celebrating Gawai..
This contest is sponsored by VICO and launched by our deputy of work minister, Datuk Yong Khoon Seng. The contest starts at 2pm.Speech by Datuk Yong Khoon SengGift from VICO manager to Datuk Yong Khoon SengGift from the Body Building Association
I didn’t stayed there for long. There are 6 categories for the contest. I only manage to see 2 of the 6 categories. Well, I guess if I stand there and watch all of it, I might get nightmare imagining all the big guy…

Pizza, Anyone?

As I mention that last few weeks that I'm feeling extremely stress, so the other day, SK, AppleJul, Janice, BF and I decided to go for a good treat to de-stress.

The only place that is near to our office is Pizza Hut. The rest, I'm not in the mood to much them. So, off we go to Pizza...

I can't remember what pizza I've ordered and what spaghetti BF have ordered. All I remember is I just point to whatever that I want. Hahaha.. Anyway, it's the lunch set meal.. SK, AppleJul and Janice is also ordering the lunch set.
BF order spaghetti. Quite nice oh ..
This one is mine.. can't remember what pizza is this..
AppleJul & Janice ordered this...
And also this one...

Hhmmmm, I didn't take any photos of SK pizza...

SK and I manage to finish all the whole set of pizza+soup+breadstick+cola!!!! So, guess how high is our stress level at that time.....

Picture for fun... hahaha!

Kids Need Financial Helps, age 9

I received an email from Ching about a 9 years old kids, suffering from tumor. Not sure if this is true or not, but I don't see if there is any damages for me to post it in my blog. If it's true and it happens that someone who read my blog willing to donate, indirectly I can help to save 1 life, right?

For those who is willing to help and is wondering if this is junk or reality, you can call the numbers and visits him. The number is at the end of this posting.

Hi all,
This is my cousin, Eng Seow Wai's son. Please help this only 9 years old child.
Yee Xiang is just like a ordinary child going to school and play with the primary school children and have fun at the age of 9.
Until one day, he has a bad headache ……………………..
Things never be the same, as he was found to have brain tumor…………..
It takes only 6 months turn a happy go lucky kid to this……………………..
He has gone through minor brain operation but still to no avail as lack of operation fee….
And now …

Global Warming, Save the Planet - Climate Change

As I mention in my previous blog that I will write one post per week about global warming, this week, I'm going to write my opinion about the climate change. We might thinks that climate is changing, so what. It doesn't impact us at all. We feel more heat but it's okay as there are advance technology called the air-conditioned.

Climate and weather is two different thing. Climates are a long term pattern of weather in place while weather conditions can change everyday, every hour and season by season.

Example of climate change due to global warming:
Earth temperature had risen about 1 degree F in the past 100 years and is going to rise another 3 to 10 degrees in the next 100 years
Sea level has risen and is projected to rise much more.

There are a lot of consequences due to climate change. This includes:
Increases in temperature. Can you imagine if the heat is doubled what we gets now in 20 years time? I believe all of us has been complaining about the heat of the sun lately.
At s…