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Yeah!! It's FRIDAY!!! And to make it more glorios, my boss is not around!! Yeah!!! Only left the ostrich brain boss. I'm not sure about anyone else, but for me, I prefer her taking leave rather than my boss taking leave. There is no use to have someone who just shoe polishing big bosses for their own benefits.

Well, I better don't destroy my day with bad posting about her. So, tomorrow's weekend. Basically, I have few plans of what I wants to do during the weekend. What I want to buy, where I wants to go, etc, etc..

Basically, there are few things that I actually intend to do:
1. Bring my car for servicing and then do switching on tyre position (back to front, front to back). Then, do alignment and balancing. I believe this would cost me about RM150/-
2. As my hair is growing longer and longer, I plan to cut it slightly at the shoulder length (I actually believe shorter hair makes me look younger, hahaha). And if it looks like lion's hair, I plan to straightens (rebo… Lie Detector Test @14thAug2008

This morning, after being much influence by JenJen to listen to the lie detector test, I turn on my radio on my handphone and listen to one couple who participate. Well, the lady is definitely tough and very loving mother. The husband had been cheating on him for more than one time. Huh! Imagine that... Sitting in front of some radio crew members and hearing the machine telling you "Deceptive" when our husband is being ask "Have you been cheating on your wife". Again and again, the husband lied and even says that the machine is telling lie. And it's not only cheating on her for one time, but more than one time!! After this lie detector test, I'm sure things will never be the same again for the couple. How can the wife take like nothing ever happen? How can she really trust her husband again in future? As for the husband, I don't sense any regret or any repentance from the way he talks on the radio. He should be shameful of himself. Being so i…

Lunch Menu For Today

Last night, I'm very motivated to cook something for today's lunch. Well, maybe because too many days of eating chicken meat and no cooking for 2 weeks makes me missed cooking.

One of the dish that I had in my mind is cabbage (I miss cabbage!!). I fried the cabbage with onions and eggs. It smells nice and it taste nice too!! Hehehehe ...

Don't know what came to my mind last night that makes me cook two type of dish. It's a very simple dish actually. Nothing to be proud of but I'm feeling proud because I finally cooking again! So, second dish is hotdogs with prawn fry them and later mix with spicy sauce (chilie sauce + flour + some sugar + salt). I tasted it too and it's yummy (at least yummy for me).

I tell BF that I've prepare 2 dishes for today's lunch and tell him that it is for 2 person. He do not need to buy fast food from the pondan cafe but only the rice. But he replied "So kedekut, beli nasi putih saja?". Hhmmppfffff ... Well,…

Miracles or Camera Trick?

Well, got this pictures from one of my junk mail again and it amused me for a while. However, how true, I don't know as I didn't had the chance to see it with my own eyes. If it's true, I think it's pretty amazing that a person can break the gravity rules and standing in the air.


Got this junk mail from a friend and wants to share it with everyone. There are no other better way to share them than blogging, right?? Hahaha.... So, here it goes!

P - - - - - Pray
U - - - - - Until
S - - - - - Something
H - - - - - Happened

God bless all my friends and loved ones in whatever it is that You know they may be needing this day! And may their life be full of your peace, prosperity and power as he/she seeks to have a closer relationship with you. Amen.

I send this special prayer to everyone that come across my blogs or is a loyal readers of my blogs especially JenJen, Ching, AppleJul, Rose, Tyson, Rebeena, Daniel, PinkElephant, Colourful World, .... and everyone lah....

Jokes For the Day

Let me cheer up your days with the jokes. I got this from one of the junk mail. It is indeed funny but the jokes is in BM ......

Cerita 1
Asari melihat rakannya, Ajoi sedang membuat kopi. Kemudian memasukkan sebutir ubat panadol ke dalamnya. Dengan kehairanan Asari bertanya kepada Ajoi…
Asari: “Kenapa kau masukkan panadol dalam kopi tu?”
Ajoi: “Kopi ni panas… bagi panadol kurang sikit panas dia…”Cerita 2
Seorang pemburu bertembung dengan seekor singa. Terrperanjat, dia tak sempat mengangkat senapangnya. Tiada pilihan, pemburu itu bertadah tangan dan berdoa. Ketika pemburu itu menjeling ke arah singa, dia ternampak bahawa singa itu juga sedang berdoa.
Pemburu: “Ah leganya… singa baik rupanya. Lepaskanlah aku.”
Singa: “Ya… singa yang baik selalu baca doa sebelum makan, amiiinn…”Cerita 3
Seorang pegawai polis masuk ke bilik mayat sebuah hospital untuk menyiasat punca kematian tiga lelaki sekaligus. Selepas memeriksa mayat-mayat itu, dia bertanya kepada penjaga bilik berkenaan.
Polis :…

8 Months Puppies - Little Pooh is a Coward

Yeah!! Today, I'm back again in posting in my blog! Hhmm, well, yesterday something very funny actually happened.

My dad went to church at around 7.30pm. Things are quite normal at first. I get ready my breakfast and lunch for today and then simply just watch movies or dvds or whatever that is on the channel.

When my dad came home around 9.30pm, something really funny happened. At first, I heard my dad's bike's sound. He opened the gate outside and drive the bike in. My dog was sleeping that time. She is together with me in the room. When she heard the sound of the bike, she woke up and standing, trying to interpret what sound is that. It was like she knows that it is the sound of my dad's bike. However, she keep moving her head and ear to make sure that it is really my dad's bike.

I'm starting to laugh but I simply pretended didn't hear anything. She starts to look at me as if to get some confirmation and waiting for me to say "Master home". But,…

Mega Sales Shopping @Boulevard

Last Saturday, I went shopping @Boulevard for some new office wear. Before I go, I felt quite excited and also happy as I finally intend to buy some office wear. Hahaha, for those who know me, I usually wear some decent shirts to office, not really an office wear. That's why, thinking to buy some formal office wear. Hahaha...

Well, I tried on one of the Nicole shirts. M size is too big for me, so I try the S size. Too bad, the front part is extremely tight and I can't wear them. Huhuhu.. So I moved on to another shirt. And again, same things happen.. I began to get a little bit annoyed with this situation.

I tell myself, perhaps, I should try on another one. There goes, the size there is no 7. And again, too big. So, I ask the sales girl whether they have smaller size. Her answer 7 is the smallest. Hhmmppfffff... This is really getting off my nerve. BF too feeling annoyed with all the sizes that can't fit well on my figure.. Hhmmppffff...

So again, I try and try and the re…

Blackout in S'wak @9th Aug 2008

Last Saturday night, the whole Kuching is having a dark night. I heard that Sibu and Miri is affected as well. Hhmmm, what is our beloved SESCO trying to do?? Don't they know that it's so hard to live without light?

Well, at first, I was planning to go to Boulevard at night. They have some sort of concert that night and also fun fair (I think). Was intended to go for fun. With the blackout, I think twice. Well, I guess other than lights and mosquitoes, I don't think the concert can be carried out. They might only be singing without the microphone or instruments. Last 2 weeks ago, a group of youngsters age 15 perform and they sang the song "Shut up".

OK, so what did I do during this black time? Well, it is so hot to be inside the house and it is extremely frustrated to be outside too!! Why? Inside the house is superb hot and outside full of mosquitoes. I hate to say this but I really feel like killed all the mosquitoes. I wonder why they are so attracted to my blo…