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Jason Statham @ The Mechanic

Have anyone watch this movie yet? Overall, I think that this movie just nice only. I prefer the movie Transporter. Haha !!The movie is actually about a professional killer (The mechanic) that are trained to kill without mercy.

For me, I watched this movie is because of Jason Statham. lol! Don't you agree with me that he looks cool and fit?


Picture speaks louder than words ....

Man's Best Friend - A Jogging Companion

Who says that dog is only to watch over our house? Dog, like any other animals have feelings too. They know what is pain, love and even know who treats them well and who is thei enemy. Just because they couldn't speak our language doesn't mean that they do not have feelings.

My neighbour's dog has been accompanying me for jogging. His presences not only making me feels secure but also not lonely. Whenever I walked out from my house, passing through his house, he will run out of his house and start to follow me to the garden. Of course, dog likes to lead. Most of the time, he will walk in front and look back, making sure that I'm not 'lost'. Isn't this lovely?

BF usually accompanies me to jog 2-3 rounds only. This dog, which I gave him name 'Ah Pui' accompanied me 6 rounds! After that, he looks totally exhausted and tired. Hahaha!! I keep asking him to go home but he just refuse to go and chose to accompany me. Gosh, this is one good local dogs tha…

Dinner at Chef Delicious

Anyone have heard of Chef Delicious? This is actually the second or third time I've been here. What makes me keep coming back here is the friendliness of the staff and its obvious that customer is their priority.

This time, I've booked a room as it was my dad's birthday. The food is quite yummy and the price is really reasonable. If you booked a room, you can actually listened to songs while enjoying your meal. I've played around the controls to choose the song that I want. One of the songs is by Crazy Frog. Anyone remember this song? The video clips is so FUNNY!! I think I'm getting addicted once again to crazy frog.

Anyway, here's some of the food that I've ordered. At the end of the meal, I totally forgotten about taking pictures as I'm too focused with my food. Lol!!