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Wedding Dinner @ 16-Jan'08

At last, manage to upload some of the wedding dinner photos. I reach around 6.30pm. So coincidence and lucky, I park next to the bride's car. Hehehe, this also means that the bride is here.

I went up, shaking hands with them and went for jalan jalan around Hock Lee. Hehehehe ... It's only a while as I do not know what to see. No money mar... Hahahaha ...

While waiting for everyone to arrive, I took some photos of the cakes. It's a 3 storey cakes. Guess what.. Actually, only the part where the bride and bridegroom cuts the cakes are eatanable!! Hahahaha .. This cakes cost RM60 and is a done by Edwin, the driver @ owner of the bride's car @ partime camera man in the morning @ DVD slideshow maker for the night. Hahahaha ......

Here are some of the photos .... The cakes, the wine, the glass, etc, etc, etc ..... Hehehe ... The cakes are icing cake and inside is not eatanable!!

Flowers are done by the expert... my brother .... hehehe

The dishes for t…
Cure of Dengue Fever - How true?

Well, while checking my mail, a friend of mine send this to me ... I'm not sure how true it is also not sure if this is just one of the junk... Anyway, I just post it up.....

>A possible remedy for Dengue fever....good to know and try if needed.

>I would like to share this interesting discovery from a classmate's son who has just recovered from dengue fever. Apparently, his son was in the critical stage at the SJMC ICU when his pallet counts drops to 15 after 15 litres of blood transfusion.

>His father was so worried that he seek another friend's recommendation and his son was saved. He confessed to me that he give his son raw juice of the papaya leaves. From a pallet count of 45 after 20 litres of blood transfusion, and after drinking the raw papaya leaf juice, his pallet count jumps instantly to 135. Even the Doctors and nurses were surprised.

>Accordingly it is raw papaya leaves, 2pcs just cleaned and pound and squeeze with filter…
Mixed Race Relationship

Yesterday, something strikes me about one facts about relationship. Most of us would thinks that if we are Chinese, then get a Chinese to be your couple and if you are other races, get your own race to be your match. How true is this?

Most peopl says the reason to find your own race to be your partner is in term of communications. Let me give some scenario. If your girlfriend is a Chinese, speaking English and her whole family is speaking English, while your family is fully speaking Mandarin. Is this still consider as Chinese couples or is it ABC couples or still is a chinese couples? Let say, your parents can only speaks Mandarin while your girlfriend parents can only speak English. Does communication comes in? So, is finding Chinese would ease communication between the two families? Both are Chinese but still communication is a big question mark here. Does this reason still imply in choosing the same race to your love partner?

Some other would say eating habits…
Twins Children - Pros & Cons

When I'm a teenager, I use to dreams about many things - what I want to be, who I want to be with, how many kids, bla bla bla .. That time, I find that twins is very cute, especially the identical twins. When I'm in my young age, I use to think of having a twins of one boy, one girl. Hahahahaha!!!

There are some pro and cons to have twins. The advantages is that, others will amazed and envy that you have twins. Hahahaha!!! Also, for my thinking is .. One time suffer pain, and no more (as for me, maximum, I only want 2 kids, kekekeke).

I guess the disadvantages are much more than the advantages. Well, one major thing is expenses rise up as instead of paying for one babies, now, it's to pay for 2 babies. Let say a baby need 2 container of milk powder per month. With 2 babies, this means 4 container of milk powder. Geezzzzzz !! Studying in university is worst. Also, the effort of taking care of two kids which are same age. When kids gets older, t…
Chinese Wedding Tradition

Normally, I always skips this part of a wedding each time someone is getting married. However, yesterday, I went to my cousin's tea ceremony. Hehehehe ...

After the church service, I went to Batu Lintang for kolo mee. Lucky that my godmum is there too as I have someone to help me finish up my kolo mee. Kekekeke ... Also my kopi peng. Actually, I want to order coffee with milk but less or no sugar (but I'm confuse with kopi kosong, kopi and kopi o). Hehehehe ....

OK, after the breakfast, I went to her house. Not many people that time so my dad, me, godmum and my little two niece went to Boulevard on foot (it's 2 minutes away from her house bah). The aircond in Boulevard is extremely cold (I wonder when will they get their electricity bills). When I get inside, a group of cleaners ask me some questions when they saw my niece. "Ini twin kah", "Mana satu tua" and "Berapa umur?". Hahahaha .. Yayayaya, they are twins and quite…
Wedding @ Church on 16-Jan-08
It's my cousin BIG day today!! I am actually just came back from lunch reception at her house. Again, my brother is the one that involves in the decorations in the church. The arch, flowers and also the car decorations.
The theme for the decoration are gold and apple green. It is the new trend for this year to have apple green as decorations.
I wake up at 6 in the morning (earlier than when I'm working), taking my bath and later just simply wear a jeans and a t-shirt. Reaching my cousin's house, I took some of the car decoration's photos.

The front part are tie with one stripes and a bouquet of flowers, with apples.
The side way are quite simple. Some ribens in yellow and white colors.
While the back side are ties in the form of zig zag.
After that, we went to church for final check on the decorations before the mass starts. As I am a little bit busybody, I went too, helping up a bit and took some of the photos for the decorations.Let me start…
Rich Guy or Average Guy ?? - Discussion for Today

Lately, I've been thinking about guys that are choice of girls. In the old days, a family would have the leader, which is man leading the family while lady is just staying at home, taking after the kids. This means that, guy will support the family financially while woman will support the family emotionally.

After decades of changes, things seems to change a little bit. Now, there are many woman out there that are as successful as man and they too can support the family financially. I heard some comment from the old people saying that, if we want to look for a guy, look for a rich one or the one that earns higher than us? For me, things had change.

From what I can see, out of 10 guys, maybe only one that have degree. While in woman, out of 10 woman, maybe half have degree. I doesn't mean that guys are stupid, bla bla.. It's just that the nature of it. I say this because in my uni time, my class have less than 5 guys while th…
Feelling of Love,

How I wish yesterday will never be history,
How I wish tomorrow will never come,
As grow old will we be,
Losing loves one is a great grief.

Time past and go,
People come and go,
So does loves,
But true loves remains eternity,
For the feeling of loves can never perish.

Loves willingly,
Live life with no regrets,
As we live once a lifetime,
So does people we loves.

Make a history in loves,
With everyone whom we know,
As we die leaving behind,
Only loves one will remembers us.

Feeling of loves is great,
As great as our God,
That is my message now,
Loves like you never been love before!
In Memory of Nurin - The World Is Not Safe Anymore

I still remember the time where I use to go around my house, walking alone here and there. Actually, I enjoyed going round alone.

As my parents is working, so they hired a "kakak" to take cares of me. I still remember I walked home from kindergarten alone, trying to be independent. Although I gave her some heart attack for doing so, I actually felt happy as I manage to find my way home. I also remember cycling around from one lorong to another. My parents and kakak do always scold me for being so playful but still I never listen.

If we see at today's world, kids can no longer walking around freely. We heard news of abduction and we never knows what will happens tomorrow. Kids soon will lost their freedom. Even playing on the playground with some other kids might gets dangerous.

While reading the newspaper, I found this website which are setup in memory of Nurin. Check this blog and please do forward the links. This way, we c…
Ulat or Kulat @ Ulat Sagu

A friend of mine tells me how this ulat came from and how to get it. He says, this ulat is called ulat sagu and the name is taken from the tree call "Sagu". Here is how we get the ulat :

Chop a pokok sagu – choose suitable one (old enough one)Cut “pokok sagu” leaf(shape like coconut tree leaf) and cover the pokok sagu trunk and let it rotten for about 44 days for ulat sagu to grow.How to know batang sagu already got “ulat” ? – people will put their ears on the tree trunk. They do like this because they can hear the ulat biting, moving and eating the tree trunk. If there is so noisy so it mean there already many ulat inside there.They will slowly open and chop the tree trunk to search for the ulat inside the tree trunk. One good tree trunk can produce about one “baldi” of ulat…fuh…..If they make a calculation mistake and didn’t go to take the ulat on time (about 44 days) then the ulat will say goodbye to the tree trunk.they will fly away. Ul…
Ulat or Kulat - Can eat ??

The other day, I went to market. My boyfriend's aunt bought this little creature for her sister in laws. All this while, I only get to see but never ever bought any of it or even dare to touch it.

Sell at 30 cents each, some say it taste nice and crispy. All I can do is .. YUCK!!! Hahahaha ... When alive, it is white in color with a dark brown head. At first I thought it is the butt. Hahaha ... But my boyfriend say that is the head. Ewwwwwww !!!

His aunt fry it with soy sauce and it sound crispy when she ate it. I only manage to sit there and see her eat the food .. Hehehe .. Don't dare to touch or even smell it. Hehehe ..

Anyone like to have a taste of this ?

Gardening Weekend
Well, I don't know what wind hit me to get my butt up and do some gardening around my house. All the flowers around my house are full with grasses, instead of flowers. It's been a long time since the last time I put my hand on those flowers. Kekeke ...
Just a little bit proud of my work, so I took some of the photos. Nice or not ??
I like the corner one. I took a closer photos of it too. Is it nice? But people say it is poisonous. Not sure how true it is...........................................And this one too.. nice!!