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Food of Love

What can I say about food of love? Of course, its own own dishes of food that we made for each other ....

Finding Me Again

This will be another junk post that I'm going to flood in my blog again. It's all about the change in me.

I'm not sure what happen but I feel that I've change - to be negative and moody. Is this related to the hormone change in our body after delivery? Sighhh ..

I've become easily angry, emotional and not logical at all. Sometimes, I feel like there's nothing in my life - empty. At work, it feels like very stagnant. Nothing hit me and I feel useless. At home, all my focus towards my girl. It seems like I miss the time where I have my own time.

This morning, I saw a motivational remark from my friend - the 3 C's. Choice, Chance, Change. It is our choice to take the chance or we never change. It hit me.

I know that I'm being all sorts of negative and its really very unhealthy. Sometimes I laugh but deep inside, I'm feeling lonely. What happen to me? Choice, chance, change. It's time for me to take the choice of changing myself to a better me.