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Glorious Lunch @ Four Point Sheraton

Somehow, I loves this restaurant and also the surrounding. The swimming pool looks cool to me. At first, I'm suppose to stay here for one night for my wedding day. However, good boss of mine had given us one night stay voucher at Pullman.

Don't you think that the interior is quite attractive?

And the food - portion is ehem ehem ... HUGE!

Anyway, I'll definitely come again to eat the pizza. Its the best pizza I've ever had! If you think that its expensive, well, the pizza - large size is only RM22. Think twice !!

My Best Buddy

Until now, I couldn't be sure if Pooh is really half rottweiler or simply just local. But does it matters? What matters is that she have been the best buddy ever. She would never lie to me, or bad to me nor hate me. Whenever can, she always will be the best buddy at home.

Yeah, I've spoilt her ever since she comes to my house. Now, she's grown to be the most spoilt dog I've ever have.

Pending Food Court

If you're thinking of some seafood for lunch, try out the Pending Food stall. You can get quite a variety of seafood here.

For me, I wouldn't want to go here so often. Its not the food to blame but the construction there. The road is dusty and very jam. But if you're thinking of catching some 'snake' from work during lunch, then think of this place. Oh well, just creating excuse to boss why late from lunch - traffic jam. Lol!

Whenever there's some ex-pat coming to our office, we would always order some local foods as signature dish to promote our city as the king of foody goody. Yeahhhhh ..