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BBQ at RH Plaza

This is actually quite a late posting. Hehehe.. Sorry guys, I've been way to lazy lately that I got lazy to upload the photos out.

After my confirmation on Easter day, I treat my cousin and family for dinner - steamboat. It's been a long time since the last time I come here. Can't wait to eat!!

I think this restaurant earns more from us. It's because we ate so little that we can't even cover half the price that we paid! Haaaiiihhhzzzzzz.... I purposely order plain water so that I don't fill my stomach with drinks but still, I just couldn't eat as much as lastime. Sighhhh....

Although life is busy, I believe we should always pamper ourselves with stuff that we loves. Agree?

Dinner at Dewan Asajaya, Grand Magherita

Grand Magherita, also previously known as Holiday Inn has different restaurant in them. Few weeks ago, I went there for annual dinner of one of my vendors. Overall, I like the performance - not the food.

The food is not that nice compared with normal restaurant out there. In fact, I prefer the food at Hui Sing Hawker stall. Hehehehe....

Anyway, I didn't take any photos of the food but instead photos of the performances.

Somehow, I can't upload the videos. I wonder why...

Hot Pot - Beef Noodles

Have you ever tried out beef noodles which is cook in claypot type?

For me, this is the first time I tried something special. It is located at one of the shops next to Hock Lee Centre. You can try them out. I like the chillie though. Hehehe...