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New RM50 Notes

Short posting ....
Out of boredom, i snap the photos of the new RM50 note. For me, this is better than the old one. Hehehe...

More Food at Food Avenue, 4th Mile

I think I've posted some of the food here before but anyway, this is different types of food. My dad has been serving this stall for almost a decade. Previously, they are very famous with their "Mee Siam" at somewhere near to McD & Celcom at 3rd mile.

Ice Lemon Tea and Kopi O Peng cost RM2.90The owner is a middle age lady with very thoughtful mindset. She remembers her customer very well. This time, I didn't order mee siam because I think it's quite pricey. For a lunch that cost RM6 and gets hungry easily, I think it's not that worth it. Instead I ordered the cousin for mee siam (can't remember the name of it, so I called it cousins..).

The cousins of "Mee Siam", RM4
My dad on the other hand, ordered nasi lemak from her. The rice is cooked with 'santan' and the sambal is really nice. RM4 is worth the money.

Nasi Lemak, RM4
I would definitely recommend people to stop by and try it out. The mee siam which cost RM6 is actually worth the mo…

Iglool Free Ice Cream for Birthday Month

As my birthday falls to this month, I've take this opportunity to make full use of my previledge book. So, went to Iglool for my birthday treat.
We cannot choose the ice creams that we want. Well, it's quite reasonable since it is free and I don't have to pay anything for that. But, stupid me to think that it is quite 'cheap' to just go there and had some free ice cream.
So apart from the ice cream, I ordered the blueberry cheese cake. The taste is ok only and is not the best cake I've ever had. It cost me RM8.90 for that small piece. BF seems to be an enemy for cheese. He says I'm eating 'rotten rice'. Shheessshhhh!
I prefer the ice cream than the cakes. But the fruits tasted a bit sour. Not sure why........
I still have one more coupons. Shall I go again?

Betta Fish

Just to show off some of the fish that BF start to keep as his interest....
Recently, BF is crazy about betta fish. I think we visited fish shop at least twice a week, just to have a look at the multi different types of fish.
His first fish is bought at pasar malam. He say, it is call "ikan toman". For me, I called it "ikan galah" because it is long and skinny, just like the "galah" stick. Kekeke.... When he first bought this fish, he gave them the normal fish food but they rejected it and rather starve than eating the red fish food. The toman ..The big toman in fish shopAt the end, I intro BF to buy the red worms. They ate hungrily... Now, the fish is almost bigger than my phones..

His second fish is a male betta fish. Few days after he bought this, we went to hunt for the female betta fish. According to one of the fish shop, female betta fish has a white dot beneath the fin. The white dot is for her to lay the eggs and the male will fertalize it. Well, i…