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Food of Lovess

Why do I call this posting as food of love? Oh well, the first few photos is cooked by BF and definitely this is food of love! The rest of it is photos where we had our lunch together.

BF likes  to cook. He even imagining and had an idea of how he would want our little kitchen in the new house looks like. I guess he will be the cook while me, the backup cook in the home.

Duck Tongue - Food from Taiwan

Have anyone ever tasted some duck tongue before? Oh well, a colleague of mine just came back from Taiwan and she bought big packet of food containing duck tongue.

Errmm, I tried tasting it but then don't have the guts to bite or swallow it. It just stuck on my lips. The thoughts of 'kissing' a duck is taking over me!!

Anyone want some?

New Addiction - Watches

Got this for only RM10/-... I think I'm developing a new addiction after all my earrings gone missing mysteriously...

Got this from JC, ex school mate of mine .. THANK YOU!!!