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A Compulsory Pass In English?

I strong support this!!

Recently our education minister has announce that there will be some consideration to make English a compulsory pass in SPM. Well, I think this is a very good suggestions. It is not about forgetting our mother language but this is more in advancing our progress globally.

In today's world, everything needs English. University books are mainly in English. When you travel overseas, English is the bridge of communications. In electronic world, English too, play a very important roles. No matter what sector our job is, we need English to communicate and upgrading our lifestyle. I don't see that there is any harm not to make English a compulsory pass in SPM.

Some says that this will increase total number of students that failed SPM. Well, for me, the question is not whether number of students failed SPM will increase or not but the question is do we want to compete with the big world out there? Are we ready to challenge and be competitive globally or locally? If…

I’ve got Mail from Google

Yeah! My google letter is here. It is actually a letter to activate my accounts as the amount had already reach $10. I love to receive letters. It trills me more to receive this letter. Hahahaha!!!On the other hand, I made a simple calculation of how much I can earn per month via adsense. Well, with the average amount earn per month, I can only made my first withdrawal in 1.5 years time! Hahaha… I’m not sure if that’s good news or bad news. Any tips to boost up my adsense earning?

Wedding Dinner @ Penview Inn

At the night of the wedding, we are invited to celebrate the joy of the newly wed couple at Penview Inn. The first time that I went to this hotels is few years ago, for lunch buffet. I still remember that they have the quality of food. On that night, this hotel disappoints me. The waitress is obviously without skills and they seem to be lack of everything. When we got there, no one serves us drinks until the very last minutes, after several times of asking for our cups to be filled. I feel like I’m begging for cup of water. Well, the only drinks that the waitress is holding are Cola. I had no choice but to say OK. I can’t imagine how long I need to wait if I am to request for a cup of plain water.The dinner is supposed to starts at 6.30pm. As usual, being Malaysian for most of the guest, everyone seems to be ignoring the meaning of punctuality. Dinner starts at 8pm. Again, we are disappointed when the chilies that we ordered come half an hours later. Huh! Not only that, the funnies…

Church Wedding @30th May 2009

For some of us, 30th May isn’t any special day that we will remember the rest of our life. But for some people, it’s the biggest day of their life. Congratulations to the newly wed couple, Patrick & Sandra. BF had annoyed me early in the morning by telling me that the church service starts at 10.30am. Later, at 9.30am, he told me that he is coming to pick me now and the service starts at 10.00am. I got panicked for a second because I haven’t taken my bath yet! For girls, getting ready to go out isn’t just about taking bath and pick the closest jeans and t-shirts available. So, to get ready in roughly 10 minutes is almost near to impossible. I quickly rush to have the shortest bath ever! BF arrives at my house when I’m still picking what clothes to wear. I packed everything (toner, moisturizer, hair cream, medicines for my finger, etc) into my bag and was thinking to put it on when I’m in the car while BF is driving. He then, asks why am I so rushing since the church service is…

Gawai at Serian

On the second day of Gawai, I went to Serian to join BF group in Gawai visiting. This year, the weather is extremely hot! AppleJul had followed me too. Well, I invited her to join us since we have a long holiday and definitely it’s bored to spend the long holiday looking at the four walls at home. We started of the journey from Kuching at 9.30am. BF picked up AppleJul first as the house is on the way to my house. BF bought camera without batteries. Hhhmmmm… Luckily, my camera is fully loaded and I switched the batteries into BF camera.We reach the first house at 10.30am. He is also a newly wed few days before Gawai. As usual, carbonate drinks is served before the real drinks. Real drinks in Gawai are alcoholic drinks. We are also served with beers and ‘nasi+ayam pansuh’, ‘cha sio’ and curry. I loved the curry. Yummmmmm… AppleJul and I are like the greedy ghost compared with the rest of them.While waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive, we took some photos.Curry! Luckily manage…

World Ocean Day

Do you know that 8th of June has been marked as the world ocean day? Some of us might think that thereisn’t need for all ocean day since the ocean wouldn’t have any impacted from the global warming. If you have such thinking, then it is definitely very wrong! The ocean gets its taste of global warming too. Animal living under water had been migrated from one ocean to another due to the heat in the water. Sea level is decreasing every year. I still remember that not long ago, there are news that a bottled nose dolphin (not sure if the spelling is correct or not) had lost its way in one of the beach in Malaysia. It died on the beach as the villagers here do not know what to do with it. From what I know, bottled nose dolphin is not supposed to be here. They couldn’t survive (correct me if I am wrong). What makes these dolphins comes to Malaysia? No one knows but definitely I believe this has something to do with the ocean conditions. Being the fan of dolphins and orcas, this news sadden…

Japanese Set Lunch

BF and I went for a Japanese set lunch at Tun Jugah last Saturday. As I am short (yeah, have to admit), I purposely chose the tall table with tall chair so that I could feel tall. Hahaha! The truth, I don’t really agree with the price range for the food here. If compared to Hong Kong Noodles, I would really choose Hong Kong Noodles as not only it is cheaper but also taste better. Well, never had any Japanese food there before. So we just have a trial food tasting. Our actual target is actually S’wak Plaza food court. I guess both of us is too ‘kampung’. We didn’t know that the food court in SarawakPlaza is under some construction work.Anyway, this is what we order. I can’t recall the name. All I know is it is unagi and chicken.2 sugarcane drinks for 2 ...
Our table..

My fish ... unagi


Total price = RM28/- (exclude drinks)