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Lack of Posting

Life has been different this year. Start from changing of my status from being someone's girlfriend to someone wife, its been a very challenging day to me.

Oh well, we are adapting well. Just the changes makes me life busier than ever! Plus with busy working life, my time for blogging is getting lesser.

Hopefully, after a while, i'll be able to post more photos for everyone to see. I guess those who use to read my blog is saying good bye to me due to my lack of post.. Hope you come back soon!

Previously, most of my posting is all about food and food and nothing but food - or just about places that I've went. From now, I believe I will be posting more and more of personal and what I've learnt in my journey of life. Perhaps, more photos of what I've been doing in my own kitchen.. or perhaps, some posting of my new project... Sure its surprise for now.. Hope I'll get it into this blog soon...