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It's Car Duty Again - Servicing

This time, I changed the location the placed where I should bring my car for servicing. Anyway, I just want to see the difference and also to learn more about different places of car servicing.

As I've just bought a new car battery, I decided to go there for car servicing. Oh yeah, my car battery had failed to serve me on the fifth day of CNY. Lucky me that it fail to start at home, not while I'm stuck somewhere visiting. After my dad's advise, therefore, I get myself the Yokohama battery which cost RM180.

As last Friday is a public holiday, I decided to bring my car over for servicing. It's been 5 months since the last time I went for a servicing. I opt for the semi type rather than the normal oil. Although it cost much more expensive, but it saves my petrol and the engine feels better too.

The shop opens half day only due to the public holiday. I guess the workers there is trying to waste the time and do my car slowly. I can see that their business is better than my usu…

Firecrackers or Fireworks ?

Some people told me that firecrackers and fireworks is different. For me, both have sound and therefore, isn't it the same? Hahaha...

Anyway, CNY is officially over with the celebration of Chap Goh Mei. I just got some time to show off some of the pictures of fireworks that I snap during this year celebration.

Many of my relatives and friends says that this year less people is playing fireworks. As for me, I can hear them almost all the time during the eve, first day and chap goh mei. At first, it attracts me to have a look but after a while, I got bored and just went back into the house to watch tv. Kekeke...

During the eve, everyone starts to play as early as 6.00pm. Anyway, the view isn't very attractive since it's not dark yet. As the night falls, I can hear fireworks sound at almost anywhere!

And of all, this is the best picture I've captured!

P/S: I'm just one of the audience for the outstanding fireworks 'performance' ...

Yearly Event in Catholic Calendar

Yesterday was my second day for the RCIA classes. I must admit that I'm slightly a bit failure of being a Christian. Why? Well, of 28 years as a Christian, I do not know any of the event and the meaning! As part of remembering myself about the teaching and what is happening, I think it's good that I post it up and share with everyone.

Let me start with the summary first. There are 52 weeks in total per year. Anyone know what does each of this weeks means? Well, read on....
- 4 wks of Advent
- 1 wk of Christmas
- 6 wks of Lent
- 7 wks of Easter
- 34 wk of Normal Sunday

Advent - Advent starts four Sunday before Christmas; meaning either early December or end of November. This is the time where we are waiting for the birth of Christ. Normally at this time, it is the time of giving to the charity. For me, most of the time, I'll be preparing small gift of present for the kids at the rural area. Also, it is another round of time for me to clean up my wardrobe and give it to the church.

My First Cheque from Nuffnang

Just to share my happiness.... I've got my first cheque in tiger year!!!

Anyway, the amount isn't much. RM51 only.... Anyway, it's a good to start my tiger year with a gift of cheque!

Lion Dance

Lion Dance is a traditional dance performance in Chinese Culture. Origin of lion dance is actually from India and not China. It represents the guardian.

As for chinese lion dance, it can be categorize into two styles ; northern and southern. Northern dance is used as entertainment with the colors of red, orange and yellow or green for female. Northern dance is mostly acrobatic and involves some dangerous stunts. Southern dance is performed as a ceremony to exorcise evil spirits and to summon luck and fortune. Southern lion dance has wide variety of colors with large eye, mirror on the forehead and single horn on the forehead.

During this year chinese new year, most businessman would engage lion dance at their house or their shops. According to some of the fengshui, the best day to start business is on the 19th Feb or 22nd Feb. While wondering around the town, I saw one coffeeshop engaged lion dance to be performed at his shops. Being the busy body girl, I quickly ran to the area to watc…