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Credit Card Scams - SMS and Phone Calls Fraud

Nowadays, newspaper had always been this latest fraud case. A person would claim that they are from bank and is calling to get some confirmation on credit card details for the purchase of an item. The fraudster will them ask the victim to confirm on the transaction.

They will later, advise the victim to called up the "Credit Card Management Department". The fraudster will provide the phone number so that the victim would call up the centre. When the victim call up the bank and provide all the information to the fraudster, he/she can later transfer funds out of the victim's bank account.

Well, let us all be prepare and don't get scam by all these people!! If the bank calls, they should have our information. And if they don't it is wise to call back to the bank with the phone number which is stated in the website of the related bank! Don't just call any number provided by anyone.

Nowadays, it is very hard to trust anyone. Everyone can be a good friend and at the s…

Pump RM30 at Petronas and Get KFC Voucher

Anyone is KFC supporter? I am one, partially. Hahaha.. Due to the economy downturn, I have limit myself from going to KFC. Partially, to reduce unnecessary cost.

MyMesra has come out with a promotion which I think quite attractive. When you pump petrol at Petronas (minimum RM30), you get to claim a discount voucher of RM20.40

If I'm not mistaken, it is a discount voucher to purchase a bucket meals, which the normal price is RM23++. With the discount voucher, you need only pay RM20++. So, anyone is celebrating anything? It will be worth while to claim.

The promotions start on 23rd Apr - 23rd May for East Malaysia. I'm not sure what is the term and conditions...

As for me, I think it's just for my information. Hahahaha ....

For more info, visit this website :

Looking for Part-time

As my company is still having the unpaid of 4 days (heard going to extend to 8 days), I'm thinking of searching for any partime job to fill my time. With maintenance shutdown of 9 days (including Sat & Sun) in June'09, this really troubled me! What should I do? Just sleep and watching movies??

I've been thinking of doing some part-time but not very sure what kind of part-time that suits me. THere are some which I ever think of: teaching tuition (ever do this lastime) to form 1 & 2, teaching computer (done this too) to adults, doing some data entry clerk (never done this) or maybe helping people to watch over their shop (another word, salesgirl).

Any idea if there is anyone who is looking for a part time? Can contact me and I'll see if I can fit into it!!

Global Warming - Save the Planet : Water

As mention in my previous posting, there are few organisation taking part in creating awareness about the impact of global warming and what had happens to our world. One of the organisation that I can remember is Tzu Chi.

Apart from some articles and pictures of what happen in the artic, they too creates an idea of what can we do with our rubbish. Amongst them are bags which are created from our milo packaging, chairs from plastic bottle and a lot more.

The truth, it takes more than one soul to create the awareness. In a family, for example, if one out of three are aware of the global warming, the whole ideas just goes into the drain. Therefore, educating everyone in the family is a MUST!

In supporting the effort made by all related parties, I decided to write a post (1 posting per week, hopefully) about what and how we can participate (as individual as well as in a group) in saving our mother Earth.

So, to begin with, this week, I'll be posting about "WATER". As we all know…

Earth Day

As today is the Earth Day, let us together conserve our mother Earth. Earth Day is first launched in 1970, Apr 22. After that, 22nd Apr has been declared as annual events.

Whenever I’m driving the car, I could see motorist or even those on foot, throwing plastics on the road. Although we have MBKS or DBKU in Kuching, this doesn’t mean that it is only their responsibility in keeping our city clean and tidy. Maybe we are thinking of taking the opportunity of throwing the garbage since we are being ‘pampered’. Last week, I read in The Borneo Post about the issue of climate change which seems to effect Kuching as well. Flood is beginning to be very common now. This is one of the sign of global warming. This is serious!!In promoting the Earth Day, there are some events happening in Sibu. On the 25th Apr, there will be a treasure hunt. The contest is open for all with 2 participants in a group. The participant must be age of 7 to 12 (participant 1) and 13 to 17 year old (participant 2). …

Amanah Saham Wawasan 2020

When I'm a kid, I remember joining the queue to open up an account of ASW 2020. It is actually from my accumulation of 'ang pau' money.

While watching news the other nights, one of the topics that interest me is the ASW 2020. Well, I receive a cheque in between RM50-RM100 yearly, depending on the profit gain. My share is only RM600. Previously, they do not let people to increase the share amount.

I'm wondering if I should increase or not... One opinion that I get is quite negative. It is more on why are ASNB opening up the ASW 2020 on the 27th of April 2009. Not going to publish the comments in my blog as the comments are more into political.

When I come to office today, my HR had sent out a memo regarding the ASNB services. Indirectly, this can be one type of yearly income but to depend on it, I would starve to death.

For those who wants to know more information, you can go to the website or According to the resources that I get, this is a…

Joke for the day

I got this one from a forwarded mail. Well, it's too funny and I can't help to share them to all. Some more, it's Wednesday!!‏Ah Beng was walking along his work area one day and saw his fren Ah Mute.

Ah Mute can't speak so he needs to use sign language to communicate.
Ah Mute signal why Ah Beng isn't at work.

Ah Beng than look around and gathered some leaves under the tree and stand on them.

He look at Ah Mute and pointed down at the leaves.
Ah Mute is now confused...

Later Ah Sian pass by and saw Ah Beng standing on the leaves.
Ah Mute then signal Ah Sian on what is Ah Beng trying to say ..

Ah Sian than type down in his handphone and show it to Ah Mute.

'Aiyo so simple, Ah Beng Is On Leave!'

Mushroom Mushroom – Agro Plantation

Previously in my blog, I mentioned about buying 3 plants of mushroom growing for RM6 at Boulevard. Months had passes by and it’s time to update on my mushroom plantation. Out of the 3 plants, there is only 1 that is growing mushroom. The other two, I can say, dead. In a plant, there will be only 1 or 2 mushroom growing at a time. It needs to be at place where water is the main source and minimum sun light. My dad had cooked the mushroom together with other vegetables. The mushroom isn’t enough to cook into one dish.Some resources say that 1 pot can only grow up to six times. Hopefully, it will grow more than that because the stall in Boulevard is long gone. Huhuhu…