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Dinner at Pool Side, Grand Magherita

It's quite an idea to have a very different kind of wedding rather than in restaurants or just some place with aircond. Last month, I attended a wedding dinner at Poolside, Grand Magherita. Nice?

I love the environment. Its a different kind of wedding and very comfortable. Good thing is that it's not a hot day for us. The sun give way for us to have a nice and FOC fresh air. Hahaha..
Here's some foods that we've had. Some of it, I can't even remember to take photos. Sigh!!

Each time I attend my friend's wedding, it feels like I'm attending a reunion dinner! This time, I get the chance to meet up with some ex-colleagues - not forgetting almost being force to drink beer. Hehehehe....
Congratulations to the newly wed happy go lucky couple!