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The Prodigal Dog ...

Remember previously I posted about a dog that met with an accident and permanently a 3 legged dog now?
Crippled.. The left front leg can't be use...
He had stayed at a temple near to my house for almost a year. Now, he is back! Well, when I saw him, I'm so happy. I thought that he came back to visit us because he came back too this time last year. I guess he is guarding my house?I think he has decide to come back for good. Anyway, since he is here, I've been keeping food for him. Most of it is bones and leftover rice. My dog don't eat much and most of the time, wasted her own food. So, each time she did not finish her food, I'll give it to this 'big dog'. He becomes very skinny now. Big dog has a good friend. Each time if his good friend is around, he will let him had his share. I call his friend 'gemuk'. Why? Well, look at the body! Although his master has given him food, he still come around asking for food!!!! Shheessshhhh .... Asking for food from…

Friendster vs Facebook

Have anyone heard about MOL bought Friendster?
Well, this morning I went into my Friendster to see what have change there. Basically, I think they change the whole thing:
1. Layout
The layout for friendster is slightly a bit like facebook. Anyone agree with me? Apart from the color and font size, the basic structure is almost the same. Status or shoutout is in the middle, birthday alert on the right, home and other buttons on top. The color in facebook is more simple and for me, pleasant. For friendster, the color is more bright. I believe their main target is teenagers.
2. Functions
Friendster have a long way to catch up if they wants to attract people to start using them. Facebook has more functions compared with friendster. This include interesting games, groups, etc.
3. Friendliness
I still say facebook is more friendly.
In summary, I still prefer facebook. Maybe I'm too get used with fb now that I've rejected friendster. Anyway, I'll log in to my friendster next month if …

The Cut Hairdressing, RH Plaza

After last week, I am RM150 poorer. Hahaha....

AppleJul and I went to The Cut at RH Plaza for rebonding last Saturday. Why The Cut? Well, 60% is all because of the Previledge Book coupon and 20% is because it's extremely near my house. The remaining 20% is because I got no idea where to go. I've ever been to MOI Saloon (RM150), a saloon at Indian Street (RM100), Mike Saloon (RM150) and even saloon at The Spring (RM270!!!). Amongst all, Mike Saloon gives the best impact for me. This time, I didn't go there because the hair stylist is no longer working there.

Waiting to get my hair burnt
Ok, back to the main topic. I've booked the time at 1pm for 2 person. I went there earlier because rebonding usually takes a long time. I guess technology has advanced and I'm way outdated now. The rebonding only takes 3 hours. Hhmmmm.....

Unlike other places, The Cut do treatment first before the start of the rebonding. Well, I opt for stim treatment since I know I need to pampered my h…

"Longkang" Fish

Just a short post ....
When I'm small, I used to play around the small drain right outside my house. Almost everyday, if there's no rain, I can be found beside the drain, jumping here and there.

Last weekend, BF suddenly have the urge to catch the little fish inside the drain to feed his fish. Well, it brings back a lot of nice memory on catching fishes. Hehehe... Of course, I'm excited with this kids activities. lol!!
OKOK, so what can we see from the drain? Small fishes, grass, what else? That day, I manage to catch a very big 'baby' frog. Well, it's not a frog but going to be a frog soon. The leg is almost well form.
Hhmmm, I tried to feed them with fish food but none of them seems interested. The 'frog' turns black the next day, but still alive. Feeling pity on them, I let them back into the drain. Hahaha....

Shopping Again?

Last month, I've been trying to control my spending so that I won't be over-budgeting on my own expenses. Christmas is around the corner, so do other up-coming events.

So what have I spend this November for myself? Hhmmmm, I guess it's less than RM100. So, can I say it is in the acceptable range? Hahahaha....
Spectacles and Hairband

Calendar - in supporting my church


SandalsFor December, I'm going to be really broke:

BF b'day - not going to say what but the price of it is in the range of RM300
Christmas party for my dad's prayer minitry - in the range of RM50 (plan to buy pizza)
BF's xmas - swim trunk + goggles (so that he won't have excuse not to go swimming with me)
My family xmas gift - I'm budgeting around RM100
Yoga lesson for 3 month - RM120 Ouch.. I felt a pinch on my wallet. Hahahaha.....

Pooh's Photo

I think I'm polluting my blog with my dog picture rather than my own photos. Hahaha... Well, I rather put more my dog picture rather than my own picture.

As posted long time ago that I've made a bed for my dog during my UL. Well, she has been sleeping on it since then. I guess the bed that I made is not big enough as she always turns and kick here and there whenever she sleeps. *sigh*
You can't see me...

Here I am.....
This is what happen when she wokes up. All her pillows everywhere.
Ok Ok.. I know, I'm bullying her while she is sleeping.....

So what's her hobbies? She likes to sit next to the window, looking out to the road. Be it whether there's anything interesting out there, she will sit there. I find it very funny as she really do sit like human. No matter how we called her, she won't move from the chair. Hahaha.. The chair is marked her name by her sharp teeth. kekeke...

Today's news : Cheaper Internet ConnectionHere's something new. BF tries to c…