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The Assumption Church, Missouri-US

As usual on every Sunday, I would go to church, be it back at hometown or in US. It just happen that we found this church which is quite near to where we stayed. I found that there’s a little bit of differences between the church here and in Kuching. First, a girlcan also be the altar boy in US. Second, during the communion, everyone would be given some wine resembling blood of our Lord. Other than that, everything is the same except for the songs.

It’s a very nice and remarkable church. I love the design and layout. It is actually a very big church if compare to those that we have in Kuching. The priest is very friendly too. He spoke to us after the mass. I think he spotted some Asians busy taking pictures around the church and obviously, we don’t look like someone from US! Although the weather is crazily cold, we still manage to stay outside for more than 30 minutes for the sake of taking pictures of the church and scenery.

After the photo taking and being speechlessly cold out there…

My Best Meal in US

After posting up so many types of food that I've tested and complaint most of the time, I think its fair if I posted something that I enjoyed when I'm there.

Believe it or not but for me, this is the best food I've ever had for the past 2 weeks! Also, this is actually the only food that I manage to finish till the last drop. Hahaha...

I guess, I just can't stay in western country or I'll starve to death. Lol...

Taipei 101, RH Plaza

We don’t have to go to Taiwan to taste some Taiwan’s gourmet. Right in our Kuching city, there’s a restaurant that served Taiwan food. Haha, but I bet that original Taiwan food is still so much different.

On my last day in previous company, we went for lunch at Taipei 101. Well, it’s a sudden lunch arrangement and I appreciate the gratitude and appreciation of everyone that had treat me so far. Anyway, I don’t really care about the one hour lunch hour rules anymore. Hahaha.. I bet we spent more than an hour here. Anyway, I didn't go round from one department to another department saying goodbye. My excuse is that, I do not want to 'flood' the company. Haha!

I can’t remember all the food that I’ve ordered. The first time I came here, the menu is in Chinese only. That’s really a disadvantages for me since I don’t read or write in Mandarin. I guess, they have improved in their menu representation. Lol!

Here’s what we have ordered…

For me, the food here is just ok. Not very …