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Polygamy Marriage

While reading TheStar after the lunch, I came across one article about this guy, given a consent to marry the fourth lady. I don't know about you all but for me, I am really piss off while reading the news.

Firstly, marrying second wife can be consider as not being faithful to your wife and I consider the guy as "lepas madu hilang, mau madu yang lain". This guy even marry 4 person! What the hack.. And he mention falling in love? Is love so divided off? Is the definition of love is the more wife, the more love? For me, this kind of action is equavalent to lesbians or gays action. Doesn't this shows that he is more eagerly hunger for sexual satisfaction rather than love as per what he had mention?

Secondly, with his salary of 3K per month, and 18 kids from the 3 previous marriage, he yet still thinking of getting another wife in which the previous wife would sponsor him to make a palace for this new a.k.a beloved future wife? Logically thinking, what kind of guy that wo…

Is Guy More LOSO ?

HHmmm, after a few rounds of getting a little frustrated with the naggings from people, I realize that actually guy is much more a nagger than women. I'm not sure if it's because I'm surrounded by guys or it's just their nature to nag.

First, my dad. He can win the award for nagging (hahaha, what a bad daughter I am). Well, it's the truth!! Let me give one example. From day 1 when the government announced about the fuel subsidy, that night, he told me to go and get it. Mentioning about that 3 times. That's not it. When the government again announced that for those who pay the road tax on Mar'08 and Apr'08, they can get their subsidy in the month of June'08. Well, here is the biggest torture. That night, after hearing the announcement, he told me 3 times again, to go and get it on that coming Saturday. Well, of course I won't be so stupid to cramp myself with maybe thousands of other people. The next day, again he remind me to go and get it. This…

Food From Home - Salad and Mee

Well, after the increase of calories and cholesterol, here goes the diet plan....

My breakfast today is not that healthy actually. I bought the small packet of maggie mee (with 100++ cals stated in the packaging). I add in some prawn & cabbage into the mee. Actually I prepare this in the office cafe. Hahaha...

My lunch plan menu is salad once a week. So yesterday, right after my aerobics, I went home to prepare for the dish. Basically it is very simple and easy to make salad and it's nothing to be proud of (hehehe). Well, again, I don't know what is all this vege call. I boiled them and also put some prawn in it. Then I mix with salad cream for some taste. Looks nice or not??

A Night Out For Seafood

Last Saturday night, went to dinner at 3rd mile (near to McD). The must have menu from there is the tom yam fish. Actually this is the second time we went there. The price is quite reasonable and the method of preparing is unique too.

When we reach there, the place is not that packed yet and the food is served less than 45 minutes. We ordered sotong fry in sambal (fattening), tom yam soup with fish and bidin. Well, it took only less than 30 minutes to prepare all of this (compare to that SCR which takes 45 mins to come out with the cantonese mee).

So, here are some of the food picture... First is bidin. Trust me!! It taste better than the first time we came here!!!

Second, is the sotong. Well, it's quite a big portion though but it taste nice.

Third, is the tomyam fish soup. This one is yummy!! Just that, too much 'rumput' in it... Haaiih, forgotten to ask them not to put those into the food..

Here is the bonus ... satisfaction face while having the dinner ...

"I DO" Proposal in Speedy Movie

Yesterday, I watched this movie "Speed" (or Speedy). It was actually about a couple that got into a cruise in which an IT expert intended to destroy the ship. The purpose of the guy bringing the girl to the cruise is actually to propose to her.

I find it very romantic that the guy actually trying real hard to propose to the girl. First, he chose to be on a cruise. The funny thing is that, in the ship, he has tried to take out the ring and gave it to the girl several times. The firstime, he put the ring into his little finger, intended to show to the girl. Too bad, the girl is too excited being in a cruise that the guy decided to give later in the evening. Well, when he was about to give the girl that evening, he felt sea sick out of a sudden and end up vomitting. The next morning, again he tried, but before he manage to say anything, the girl out of sudden mentioning that they just know each other not long and they should know each ot…