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The Noodle Experts

Anyone been to this shop yet? This cafe that claim themselves to be The Noodle Experts is located at Kenyalang Park.

I must say that the service is extremely fast and the drink price is quite reasonable too. I ordered Kopi 'O' Peng and surprisingly, its only RM1.20 per glass! Some more, the coffee is very thick and not very sweet. I can't even see the ice after few minutes. This shows that the coffee is more than the ice. In normal coffee shop, most of the time, I paid for the ice cube and not the coffee. lol!

As I am sitting next to this toast bread stall, it tempted me to try out one of the recipes - Toast bread in floss (something like that). Trust me, it's quite nice.

I order the seafood mee as main dish. Although they are using the normal type of mee, but I must agree that it really do taste different than normal kolo mee.

Go try it out!

Farewell At Sweet Happiness

I thank my friends here for arranging this farewell for me. Its nice to have a chance to eat nice food together with those who value us, don't you think so?

Anyway, Sweet Happiness is located new to our office and its the best choice considering the time limitation that we have for lunch hour. Sorry, I'm not so good with description on places, etc.. Hahaha!
The food here is quite nice and you should try it out if you have the chance. This is also the first time I tried the BBQ pork leg. Hhhmmm, not bad oh!


Dine at Pai Jia Le

Couple of weeks ago, BF and I arranged for a family dinner - he bring his family while I bring mine.

Why PAI JIA LE? Well, BF is addicted with their hot and sour soup (or known as Szechuan soup). Sigh..

I ordered the 'o jien' and butter prawn. Whenever I go out eat, I definitely will get this two, provided the rest would know how to eat them. Hehehe ....

This time, we chose to dine at their first floor. The decorations on the first floor is much better! I love the way they make do with their curtains and lighting. There's a small stage which I believe is for 'karaoke'.

When the food arrive, I must admit that I am extremely hungry.

The food....