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2012 Recap and 2013 Resolution Target

As I'm writting this post, I try to search for my post for 2012 resolution but then I couldn't find it. Gosh!! Now I remember that I have not set any resolution for 2012!!! Oh well, 2012 had past. Regret now won't do any good. Let me see what I've achieve last year.

Major changes definitely is that I am now officially called MOTHER to my girl name "Kylee". She is born on 11th October 2012 at 12:43 PM via normal delivery. Most people say she look like me. Whoever she looks like, she is still my daughter. Lol!

OK, apart from that, I can't recall if there's any big changes or update in my life. Hhhmmm, sound like a boring year for me.

Financially, I'm still trying to recover from the spending I made on my wedding and house item. Sighh, with baby on the way, it's quite impossible to achieve any goals.

So, not much resolution set last year. For this year, I MUST set some resolution or else, it's going to be another boring and lazy year to me.

New Dining Place - Overseas Restaurant

During one of our gathering, my colleague decided to pay a visit to the new dining place in town - Ocerseas Restaurant. The restaurant is located near the airport and looks very eastern-western style.

We spoke a while with the supervisor there. She told us that the cook is not local people but from China. All the dishes served are menus which is the combination of Kuching-China style. Meaning, food that can be found in Kuching and cook in style with China people. Lol !!

She recommended us with the chicken cooked in steam bamboo. Sound like our 'ayam pansuh' but its not. Anyway, here's the mouth watering food that we ordered...

Not sure about the price though .. But then, taste wise, not bad. I would come here again when there's chance. Hehehe...

Manhattan Fish Market

With little one, it is hard to pick where I want to go for dinner. Its because, we need to think of the rainy and hot sunny day.

For Christmas celebration, I decided to go to The Spring and simply dine at one of the restaurant in there. Personally, I prefer to bring LO to The Spring. Its because The Spring is less noisy compare to other shopping mall.

Since we never been to Manhattan Fish Market, we decided to have our Christmas dinner here. Here's what we order...

Overall, I dont't really like the food. It doesn't feel special at all. The service is not bad but then they can do better. Price wise is quite expensive. There's too much taxes and additional charges apart from the food. I