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Miracles - Half Dozen Babies

What would you do if you or your wife is pregnant with half a dozen? Hhmmm, if me, I think I will fainted first. Well, who will not be? First thing pops into my head is the cost of feeding 6 kids at the same time. I can't imagine the bills!!! Milk powder, education, pampers, the attention needed and a lot of criteria need to be included. If a family indeed have 1/2 dozens of kids, definitely, mummy cannot work in helping the family financially. Why? Well, whose gonna take care of them? Baby sitter? Well, sending 6 kids to a baby sitter would cost more than anything else, agree? HHmmm,...

I salute this couple ...

Roof-less Car Spotted in Kuching

Few months ago, while BF driving, we spotted one sports car in front of us, queu-ing for the traffic lights to turn green. This sports car actually attract out attentions. Why? Well, not because that we hardly saw a sports can in Kuching. But taking into the consideration of weather, dust on the road, etc, this turns out to be very funny.

OK, what so funny? Well, when we took this picture, it was around 6.30pm. Does anyone realize how polluted is our air? Even some motorcyclist would use facemask to protect themselves from inhaling bad air. But this two rich fella is the other way round. With their roof-less car, they show it off around. Hhmmm, I'm laughing when I keep thinking of their face full with dust from the air.. Whahaha..!! Yeah, I know DD very bad girl, but I can't help it. This is so funny!!

Some more, they are actually dress up nicely. I guess there are only two things in the lady's mind: either "What a nice air" or "Haiya, why he doesn't want …

Little Puppies on the Move

Blackie say "Food..Food..Food..Food..."

Two months ago, a female dogs came to BF to give birth. I guess she couldn't find a better place to give birth than BF house. Well, BF only knows about the newly born puppies few weeks ago. Yeah, and he keep saying it is still 1 month old. But the puppies already learn how to recognize people, barking, run, jump.......

BF call the mummy Meggu and she surprisingly, response to the name. Hhmmm.... Meggu gave birth to 8 little puppies: 4 male, 4 females. The colors of the puppies are 2 brown, 2 black, 2 white with black/choc head and 2 black-white. For each color, there are both male and female. Hehehe... So, lucky number for this is 8442. Hey, if you don't strike 4D/Toto/Cash Sweep, don't blame worldofdidi.blogspot!

BF say Meggu doesn't want to breast feeding the puppies anymore. Well, the reason is simply all the puppies already have teeth and puppies teeth is very sharp! I told BF to avoid Meggu from feeding them to avoid …

EOE Free Photo Printing

Few days ago, I wrote about eoe free printing services..Yesterday, this delivery came to my house. Luckily my dad is at home and he signed and receive the package for me. As Ching had posted the picture that eoe is using SkyNet, I have confident that my delivery is here....
Yahooo!! Yahooo!!! Yahooo!!!! I got my picture!! Thanks to EOE. My cousin has been bugging me for weeks to print her photos and pass it to her mom but I am way to lazy to go to the photoshop. There will always be excuse. EOE has made my life easier. Yippeeeee!!!

It's true and it's really real!! They are really sending the free 50x4R and 2x8R photos right to my doorstep
For those bloggers, don't miss this chance! Check it out now...

Floods in Kuching - Crocs Swimming Around

Early this week, Sarawak has been in one of the hot topics in berita TV3, TV2, TV1, NTV7 and also locally. It is said that the flood this year is the worst in 20 years. Many people have been evacuated to higher lands and worst is losing their property to flood.

Places like Indian Streets, Pandungan, Pending, Poh Kwong Park and Batu Kawa is hit with flood. This also means that in the coming CNY, we might not be able to shop in Indian Streets. Haaiihhzzz... My area is not affected, thanks to the 'wakil' from Hui Sing that has called for construction to deepened the 'longkang' there. Hehehe...

Let me get to my point .. Well, this posting is actually about some pictures taken during the flood. Well, 2 crocs is spotted new in Waterfront... Ta daaaaaaaaa!!!!

Yeah, I know some of you is saying "Cheyyyyyy". Well, have fun and Happy Blogging... Photos taken by don't know who. Someone had forwarded this photos to me and I think…

Picture Meme

Thanks Rose for this blog. This blog actually comes in right at the time as I don't have any idea what to post. Hehehe.. Ok, here it goes:

Here are the rules:
1. Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.
2. Go to the 6th Folder and then pick the 6th Picture.
3. Post it on your blog and tell the story that goes with the picture.
4. Tag 5 other glorious people to do the same thing and leave a comment on their blog telling them about it.

Yeah, this picture is the same as what I have in my display picture. Well, this legs belongs to my dogs. It's a SHE and orignally, she is called Daisy but as time goes by, her name indrectly tune into PoohPooh. She response only to PoohPooh and "mam mam". Mam mam = food.

She is going up the gate, putting her front leg on the gate and looking out. I guess she thinks that by standing straight up, she can see more things. Hhmmmm... She likes to see where her owner is going. If I walk too far away from the gat…

Stock Clearance a.k.a Cuci Gudang?

While I'm passing from Kenyalang to Simpang Tiga, I saw this banner which sound very interesting or a direct translation. It is a promotion banner by Habib Jewels. The wordings are in BM and is wrriten "5 hari Cuci Gudang".

My first impression is "Huh?", with 3 lines on my forehead, wondering why do they need to announced that they are cleaning their warehouse? Then, when I looked and think carefully with BM to English translation it actually means "5 days Stock Clearance". Not sure about you, but when I came to my mind about the meaning, I can't help but laughing at the banner and the person who came out with the word cuci gudang. This is so funny and ridiculous!!

HHmmm, ok, stock clearance in English is definitely make sense. But direct translation from the word "stock clearance" to "Cuci gudang" is definitely ridiculous!! I wonder what makes them put the word cuci gudang. Come on! Is that our standard in English?

Frankly, I don…

Sarang Semut Cookies - The Recipe

Last Sunday, due to rain, I decided to start my baking session for the CNY. So, the first items on my head will be Sarang Semut cookies. Some of you might be wondering, what is that?

I still remember when I'm a kid, I will always ask my mum to bake sarang semut. This is also favourites for everyone who comes to visit my house. Even this year, after telling a good friend about baking them, she had ask me to bake more for her. Her sister is coming back, so I'm gonna pass it to her sister to bring it over for her.. Hhmmmm,...

OK, let me share the recipe.. Photos? Well, it's in my camera and I'm so lazy to download it out for now :)

3 oz custard flour
6 oz butter
11 oz flour
3 oz sugar
2 egg yolk
3 tea spoon condensed milk
1 tea spoon baking powder
Choc Chips for decorations (the ants)

1. Beat butter and sugar for 10 minutes
2. Beat condensed milk and egg yolk for 5 minutes
3. Sift custard flour, flour and baking powder together
4. Mix well butter mixture and…

Get Previledge Book, Get the Previledge!!

2009 is a great year to start ahead of us. In spite of the economy crisis, bombing everywhere around us, political issues, etc, we should always credit ourselves for all the achievements that we have done in our journey ahead of us. Never look back but look forward all the time.

Now, as a new start of year 2009, why not grab a copy of the previledge book? Well, some of you might wonder if this is another advertorial or promotions from worldofdidi.blogspot. Well, it's not!! I'm just trying to say that previledge book 2009 is far better and fantastic than the year before!! It's a way to credit ourselves and our families!!

So, what's inside the books that is so attractive? Well, let me see what comes into my head. Hhhmm, they are bigger and better now with the extreme increased of outlets all over Kuching. The outlets are from food, restaurants, supermarket, sports, shoppings, relaxation, clothing, entertainment and even hotels!!!

Some of you might think, so what so special …

Chinese New Year Preparation - Weekend

This morning I wake up and realize that Chinese New Year is actually 2 weeks from now. Gosh!!!! Why is the time fly so fast? I haven't really done all my CNY preparation. Now I'm hunger for my time. But when I have the time, I tends to waste it. Huh! Homo-sapiens normal behaviour, never change since Adam & Eve time. Haaiiihhzzzz...

Last Saturday, I start to clean my house thouroughly. The rain is actually making me feeling extremely lazy and feel like staying on my bed until the sun comes out (if there is sun on that day). But when I think of the list of what to be done, I force myself out from the bed.

This is what I ended up doing on Saturday :
- Do the daily cleaning routine
- Clean the altar
- Iron all my working shirt (trust me, it's A LOT!!)
- Go cut my hair
- Change the table plastic wrapper
- Teach my dog "lie down" command
- Relatives dinner

And on Sunday :
- Lazily on bed
- Bake cookies (recipe will be post soon)
- Watch Snow Dog
- Sleeeeeep

Yeah! I finally bake s…

eOe is Back with Better Options

Previously, EOE had provided free photo printing for first 100 Malaysian Bloggers who is interested. Sadly, I'm not in the first 100 bloggers BUT this is not the end!! They are back and the offer now is better as there are additional 2x8R photos. Yeah!!!

My previous posting about EOE is much more a summarize point of view. Let me now tells what is EOE. It is a online photo sharing and they provide other printing services too. All you need is to place your order or simply select the album in you eoe account, then, select the size of photos you wants and choose the payment options. Then, the photos will be deliver right to your doorstep. Fun and cost saving too!!

e-Print is all about helping us to minimize our workload. Our life is already filled with heavy load of going to work, helping our families in daily routine work and some of us even have others commitment too. In this hectic life, it is such a time consuming to go to nearest photo shop and place our print picture then wait f…