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Dinner @Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, BCCK

Last week, my company is organizing our annual dinner at the BCCK. The theme for the night is red, gold and black. Seems like majority people chose to wear black. When I send the photos to friends and relatives far away, the first question is "Why all black?". Well, what to do... I believe the easiest way to dress up is to wear black.
SK and I reaches there quite early - 6:30pm. At first, we thought that we will be late as we are caught in traffic jam at Jalan Song. Just right after we pass Jalan Song, the traffic is pretty much cleared.
Good thing is, we are not the first one to arrive there. I'm quite amazed to see such big buildings at the centre of no where. The design of the building is quite nice. Well, for those who wants to organize any functions at this place, you can get more information from their websites.
While waiting for the dinner to start, SK and I walked around the area, snaping some of our photos. All personal photos is in SK fb so I'm not going to …

New Year, New Beginning

This is actually a very late posting. Anyway, how do you spend you new year day?
For me, as usual, New Year is also BF birthday. I bought him a gift but had given it to him on Christmas Day. Well, what to do, birthday boy ask me to give earlier since he gave mine 3 months before my birthday. lol ... What I buy? Hehehehe....
So, as usual, cakes. I bought one small cake at Taiwan Cake House. Since BF is not a fan of cakes or anything bun alike stuff, so it's quite easy to hunt for a reasonable price cake.
BF treat us for a steamboat at RH Plaza on the next day. We didn't go for his new year celebration + birthday on 1st Jan because BF had to work. Hehehehe...
As usual, during New Year day, many people seems to have their way of finding where to get fire crackers. I can hear the cracking sound almos every hour. As for my dog, it's 'floor digging' time in looking for a hiding place. Underneath the bed isn't enough. Little Pooh tries to dig a hole through on the floo…

Wet and Cold Season

It has been raining for few days now in Kuching. Whenever I came to work, the road seems to be packed with cars and jam everywhere. With the rainy days, time to travel to anywhere is longer than normal time.

This morning, while stucked in front of the traffic light, I snap the picture of the rainy days. During this time, it is better to pay more attention to the road and drive slowly. I don't even dare drive more than 60KM due to the slippery road and poor visions.

Anyway, this is just a random post after been missing for a few days.

2010 Resolution

Goodbye 2009, welcome 2010! New year, new beginning. Let's all move forward and not left in the past. That's one of my principle in life. I hope that 2010 will be a good year for everyone to achieve their dreams and life success in whatever that you dreamt of. As for me, when I looked back at 2009 resolution, basically I failed to achieve even half of it! Hhmmmm, I really lack of discipline. So for this year, I've set another new target in life. Hopefully, this time I'll be really determine to kickoff whatever that I've set in my life. For this round, I'll set the quarter of the year that I am to achieve the goals. Financial
1. Target saving of xx (Q4)
2. Settle PTPTN to below RM8,000 (Q4)
3. Achieve an income of minimal xxx from the virtual world (Q4)Self-Improvement
4. Reach the ideal weight of 46 KG (Q3)
5. Learn yoga, attend at least 40 classes of yoga in 2010 (Q4)
6. Get an oven and start learning some baking skills (Q3)3 financial resolutions and 3 self improve…