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Stutong Market Food Center

This time, I went to a market without going round buying groceries but instead go and have my stomach refill.

As my head has been playing the song for 'belachan beehoon', I decided to go 'jalan jalan cari belacan beehoon' at stutong food center. Well, apart from there, the only place that I know selling this is at All Joy, Wisma Saberkas. My dad lazy to go there, so we end up going round Stutong.

I've been here last time and I'm back again, eating the same dish. The only difference is they have improve in their quantity and quality yet maintaining the same price. This time, I can't really finish this plate of belacan beehoon. And the taste has improve from ajinomoto taste to more belacan taste. For only Rm2.50, this is definitely a very worth the money food.

Rm2.50, belacan bee hoon If other place, tomato mee would usually cost Rm3.50. However, here, it only cost RM3.20. My dad say quite yummy as the soup is not just starch but instead a real tomato mee type o…

It's Friday the 13th

Just a short post .... It's Friday the 13th .... Somehow, Fri the 13th is been tied to a bad day. I think it must be because of the movie Jason and Freddy Krugger and other movie such as the 13th floor, bla bla bla ....

Wikipedia say "occurs when the thirteenth day of a month falls on Friday, which superstition holds to be a day of good or bad luck."

Don't get naughty! Freddy and Jason is coming out... lol .....

Anyway, in spite of it be a superstitious day, it's also a friend's birthday .... Happy Birthday, gal!! It's your birthday, so intead of the 'ang mo' superstitious, celebrate it and eat whatever you likes ya ... diet thing, let it be tomorrow... Hehehe...

Wet Market @7th Mile

Yeah, another wet market posting from worldofdidi. What to do, lately, I've been a good girl accompany the old ones going for grocerry shopping. Like any other wet market, this one too, have all sorts of things that could definitely fill up your fridge. However, unlike the Serian wet market, we won't see any accesorries here.

I thought of buying the crab that day buy 'boss' say no because we wont be eating it that night. Sobs.....

Ikan! Ikan!We walked pass by the fish stalls. Fish is one of my favourites and I can't resist not to get any fish. So, we bought four tilapia for RM10. "Boss" say the tilapia is good to cook assam. Well, I pay, "boss" decide how to cook it. Hehehehe... OK, so fish instead of crab. I prefer to had seafood compared with meat. Hehehe, can't wait for the assam fish.
The selleer helps to clean up my fishWe pass by a box, filled with "keli". I never tried that before. If I bought it, I might as well keep it.. lol.…

Serian Town - the Durian King

Last Sunday, I accompany my dad to Serian for a visit at his hometown. For me, this town is full with Hakka and being a Hakka that don't speak Hakka, I don't know how to buy things here. Hahaha ...

On the way here, we almost 'cheat death'. While our car is on the left hand, suddenly, there's a hilux driving at the right land, trying to overtake us. I think he is driving around 100-120km/hr. Nothing is unsual until his bonet suddenly pops up causing him to lost visibility. Like any other normal driver, I guess he got panic and press on the emergency brake. His car skidded and turns to the right. We are so lucky that the car did not turn to the left, else he will be hitting us.
Our nightmare isn't over yet. His car not only turning to the right but 360 degree back to the front. My dad quickly press on the pedal to go forward, avoiding the Hilux from hitting our little kancil. I think his car turn 3 rounds before hitting on the side bar. He is extremely lucky. Along…

Car Age More Than 15 Years to Undergo Puspakom Inspection?

As we know, previously, there are a lot of talks about the implementations of rules for car more than 15 years old to go for Puspakom inspection. If not mistaken, everyone is complaining on this implementation that the proposal is put on hold now.
There are a lot of cars on the road that isn't physically fit to be on the road. The Puspakom inspection can helps to prevent bad accident from happening and save lifes. However, those car isn't necessary to be more than 15 years old. It all depends on the driver itself. My opinion is that, it takes 10 years to maintain a car to be in good condition but it takes only 1 year to spoil your car. If the drivers is a heavy car user but didn't bother to do the routine car checking or servicing, then the car doesn't have to be 15 years to be not fit. Am I right? So back to the point, is it relevant that cars more than 15 years must go for Puspakom Inspection? DD say NO.
OK, another point. If the car go for Puspakom inspection and the…

Dinner at Swan Teem, RH Plaza

In celebrating my promotions, I treat my family and BF for a chinese dinner. My first intention is to go to Pai Jia Le but they seems to be booked that day. I should have called and ask before going there. Since it's raining, we walked around to see if there's any other nice restaurant.
I thought of going to Ah Tou's but it is way too far (raining some more). So, we just had our dinner at Swan teem.

This is actually a steamboat restaurant but they do cook for those who wants. The serves us a plate of keropok once we sat on the table. It's not free though - RM2. Keropok - RM2 per plate
We ordered:
1. Butter prawns (this is the first dish I mention when the waitress ask what we want to eat)
2. Garlic steam fish
3. Deer meat (my dad is bored with chicken).
4. Mix veggies We didn't order any soup though. The guys say the food should be enough. As I've make the waitress waiting for a long time, I just order Kopi-O, same as the guys.

Kopi-o .. and this really 'kao' T…