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Churp Churp Social Share

While checking on my Nuffnang, I notice that there are something different in my Nuffnang - another login for the ChurpChurp bird.

It appears that we can earn more by promoting and share the news in ChurpChurp!! Just sign up for an account and we'll see if this really works!

Foods That Thril, Jalan Song

This will be quite a short posting as I'm not in the mood of doing anything including blogging. lol

Recently, I have been to this restaurant for our lunch meal. At first, we thought of eating 'curry fish head' but due to some people that is having their food there, we decided to change our venue.

I can't remember the name of this place. I think it is previously a steamboat restaurant. This restaurant is next to the staircase going up to Mahayoga.

Here's some of the food that we have ordered. I like the fish the most!

Hungry? Faster go and eat !!!!

Nasi Lemak @ KWALI

Nasi lemak is not my favourite food but then, I know the secret of the best nasi lemak is on its ‘sambal’. As I had my lunch at KWALI, all I can think is ‘when will I be finishing this food?’

For the price of almost RM6, the portion is very disappointing. If someone small size like me says so, I doubt those big eater can be satisfied with the portion. I won’t mind to pay a little bit extra if the meal is superb. But, this time, I feel so disappointed as the sambal just have the taste of chili and nothing else. The peanuts were overcook.

I guess this will be my first and last time visiting KWALI. Sorry to say that!