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What Should and Should No Say to a Girl

Hhmmm, enough about petrol. Let me write something about what should and should say to a girl. An idea came into my mind out of no where on writing this topics.

This applies ESPECIALLY when a guy is entertaining a girl!

Should : Says that she looks pretty instead of cute although she is more into cute. Why? Because the meaning of cute is adorable but UGLY!!!
Should Not : Telling her off that she is just nice but not pretty at all!!!
Example : "You looks great with the new hair"

Should : Greets her and praises her from her outfit, physical appearance, makeup or even her new earing.
Should not : Directly, telling her that those earing looks like PIG
Example : "Your new dress is extremely outstanding"

Should : Console her and telling her she looks great although she looks like tiang lampu
Should not : Directly, telling her that she is a skeleton!
Example : "It's nature of human to be who you are, you are great with such figure"

Movies Time
Should : Ask h…

"After Shock" from Petrol Increase

Some of us might think that petrol increase is a necessary thing to do while some would go against it. For me, I am in the middle of yes and no. Why? Well, yes because worldwide petrol is increasing. No because it will gives a big impact in our life. There are a lot of impacts with the increase of petrol.

The increase of petrol is like an earthquake. Whenever an earthquake happens, there is a situation called "after shock". Well, the earthquake that happens only hits those in that area. However, the after shock would impact the whole world. After shock means things that happens after something terrible happens.

For petrol, the increase would impact those who have and needs vehicles. The after shock from the petrol, however would impact everyone. Let me elaborate in more details.

Food Price in Coffee Shops
Petrol increase would means increase of logistic cost in getting the material (input) to produce the food (output). Some owner might increase workers salary which indirectly…

$$$ - My Tips to Cut Off Expenses

As we all know, petrol & diesel price has increased. Soon, food price and other daily usage items will also increase. How can we react to our daily expenses? Well, we can't stop the increase of petrol. It will be, sooner or later.

As I am having my lunch just now, I try to think of some ways to save cost so that I won't have to spend any unnaccessary item. Here are some of the things I had in my mind.

1. Petrol Consumption
- Morning go to work, no need to turn on the air-conditioner. It's morning and it should be cold. Evening time, also no need since we have already been in the air-cond for more than 8 hours in the office.
- Turn off the engines while waiting for someone if it takes up to 10 minutes dull time in the car.

2. Food Expenses
- Petrol increase + rice increase + Commercial gas increase = High increase in foods
- So, the easiest is to bring lunch from home. Group lunch would save a lot of cost as well.

3. Weekend Fun
- Instead of going hundreds miles away to enjo…

Petrol Increase, Things Increase

While on my way back from office yesterday, a colleague of mine suddenly says that petrol is going to increase 70cents. As my car is only half tank at that moment, I decided to pump petrol. Being picky, I passed by Petronas but doesn't want to get the tank fill up. Went to nearby SHELL, and there I am, stuck there for 1 1/2 hours!!!! Huhuhuhu....

When petrol increase, ather things would increase as well. Considering 30% increase in everything.

Budget figure before and after...

Food - $ 5 daily, $ 110
Expenses - $ 200
Household - $ 100
Petrol - $ 150
Total = $ 560

Now, take everything of this to be increase 30%:
Food - $ 143
Expenses - $ 260
Household - $ 130
Petrol - $ 195
Total = $ 728

Not yet deduct PTPTN loan, car loan, credit cards, streamyx........... What's left for saving ? Yet, there is another annual thingy such as road tax + insurance, income tax, car servicing....

Help...................................!!!!! (Does this means someone need to indirectly let the managem…

Gawai - Festival of Celebration

While waiting for some input in running my forecast, here I am blogging and posting into my blog.. Hahahaha!! Anyway, Happy Holidays !! Did you enjoy your holidays?

Hhmmmm, on saturday, I just stayed at home, cleaning up the kitchen, collecting 4 plastic bags of rubbish (but later was reduce to 3 as my dad picked some of the things I consider as rubbish)... It was extremely tiring day and I felt like dozed off in my bed with all smelly body from cleaning up. Then, on Sunday, waking up at 6.30am, my schedule is pretty tight.

First, went for church service until 8.30am. Then, visit my godmum in Sungai Apong. Well, I make it a habit to go and see her every weekend since she is staying alone. Hehehe.. Then, I got home at around 10am. Right after bath, it was 10.30am. I went to bf house for Gawai and from there, off we go to Tebakang.

It was quite an experience to drive through Tebakang area and gets lost (although we have map). BF drank a lot and end up I have to drive back from Tebakang (p…