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Differences Between Married & Not Married

Some will say there’s nothing that changed after married. Well for me, I think my life have change, including my daily routine.
Let me see, what has change. Well, I use to bring lunch to work. Now, I had to prepare my lunch myself. Waking up early and getting the food ready with half my brain still in dreamland. When I came home, the first thing I’ll remember is cook rice. Then, throw the clothing into washing machine. Next, take all dried clothes and keep them in the wardrobe. And later, prepare food for Chako and feed my fishes. Sometimes, I forgot to give my fish food before I go to work. Hehehe…
My bed is getting smaller too. I use to turn all around my bed when I sleep. If I do that now, hubby will ended at the floor. Lol!
During the weekend, it’s normal routine of bath the dog, clean the house, go my dad’s house, and again, clean dad’s place, play with Pooh, shopping for groceries and relax for a while.
Hhmmmm, life is getting more challenging when the little one are born.