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Jaundice in Newborn

Recently, I had a fright when my little girl was hit with jaundice. On the fourth day after she was born (Monday, 15th October), I went to Klinik Ibu dan Anak at Kota Sentosa to report on my delivery. Never did I expect that her jaundice reading shoot up to 18.5. Based on standard procedure, they had advise me to admit my daughter for phototherapy in hospital.

Being a concern mother, I don't hesitate but just admit her. Of course, admitting her means admitting myself back to hospital. Again, her blood was taken for checking. To my surprise, the level shoot up to 21 and the doctor say its critical. I had to feed her and takes care of her while taking care of my confinement month. Daughter vs confinement - definitely priority on her. I was a nightmare for me as I had to put her into the therapy, seeing her naked and freezing inside. I didn't expect that the kid's ward in hospital is air-conditioned!

The doctor came attended to her and keep asking me to feed and make sure sh…