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New Food Stall @Boulevard

Just to share some nice food photo again. Hehehe.. Let’s get over the election fever and start choking ourselves with more foods. Lol!

Last weekend, I went to Boulevard to have my lunch. The food picture that the stall have is extremely irresistible! So, I help myself by ordering butter chicken while my dad ordered the lemon chicken rice @RM5.50 each.

Although the taste of the food is ok, but the portion of the meal is quite huge! For big eater, I believe you will be satisfied with the food.

Here’s the food that I’ve guiltily munch…

Taipei 101 Revisited

I remember the last time I came here is during my last day in previous company – 24th November 2010. Lol !!

This time, I’m here with two of my boss and some colleagues. For me, this place needs some expansion. If you comes here at 12 noon, you will have a noisy lunch. Noises of people in the restaurant is extremely annoying sometimes. Food wise, well, I think they need to improve on their portion. With the price like that, I would expect a bigger portion.

Anyway, here’s some of the food that we’ve order. I can’t remember the food name as most of it is in Chinese!

Randomly Appetizer and Food

Being a blogger, I consider myself the worst blogger in town. Why? Well, half of the time, I remember munching my food more than taking pictures of the food for my blog and readers. Sigh!!

Anyway, here's some of the random photos I've took all around.

Go Fun Kee Bak Kut Teh


Vegetarian Food Environment

Toto Coffee Shop

** We eat to live but for me, I eat to enjoy what I earnt!