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Project H - Getting Ready for an Investment Project

Not long ago, I've mentioning about my new project for the year of 2010. As a start of the project, I am now more hardworking in reading the newspaper. Hehehe... Not really reading though but watch out the advertisement page for interesting news related to project H.

This goes to new hobbies of newspaper cutting on any related news... Not to mention, few rounds of visits to Kota Padawan and neighbouring area just to find the best locality and space.
Still wondering what I'm talking about? Well, I'll just let pictures speaks it out... Wish me luck in finding the one that suits me and my budget!
For the pictures of above, if you are interested, can go to this website:
It's not easy to find something that suits our needs. Furthermore, we are not talking about 1K or 10K but something which is 6 digits. We have to be very careful in whatever investment plan that we are considering. So far, I've visited more than 5 sites and none seems to k…

Mek Mek, The Abandon Cat

Few weeks ago, while waiting for BF, I saw one little kitten right in front of the entrance entering the office. She is extremely skinny and looks like someone abandoned her here. This is actually not the first time I saw cats in my office.

My office is actually quite desserted away from other locations and the only reason for dogs or cats to be found here is someone had abandoned them here. It's normal to see monkey, snake or other wild animals but not dogs or cats. I wonder who is that heartless human being that throws animals like rotten food. Sheeshhh ...
When BF came out, the kitten suddenly walk slowly to us. She looks like asking for food. As BF house owner forbidden dog (but not cat), he brings this little kitten back since her original owner had abandon her for nothing. She is actually scared of me though. I guess maybe I smelled of Pooh. Hahahaha .... BF's family called her 'Mek Mek'. I called her the abandon ones. Hahaha.... Now, Mek Mek is healthy and slowly…

Firecracker and Pooh

Although firecrackers is one of the forbidden items in my country, it seems like there's always way for people to know where to get their sources of firecrackers/fireworks. For me, I find it not very interesting to waste hundreds of ringgits for a night of noise. Hahaha... Yeah, I'm so stingy....

Pooh and firecracker is always not an items. When there's sound of firecrackers, Pooh will not be there. The only place that we can find her is underneath the bed. Even if the sound is far away, she will be loyally going underneath the bed and hide her tail there for a while or until there's no more bombing sound. Hehehe ....
Pooh, hiding underneath cabinet when no one's in the room And now, hiding underneath the bed... Leaving her bones behind

Pooh had just gain 3KG and is not 13KGs. I guess, after CNY, she will back to her normal 10KGs weight. Huh....

It's Valentine's Day! - Love is in The Air

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Not only that today is Valentines Day, it is also the first day of Chinese New Year. First thing that I do when I wakes up in the morning would be getting ready to church. This year the dual celebration falls on Sunday which would means the normal Church service + Chinese New Year + Valentines Day.
For the tiger year, many old generations believes that it is not a good year for marriage. As for me, I don't think that animal zodiac should be use to lead our lifestyle. Don't you agree? Anyway, I heard that there are few of my colleagues relatives are setting their special days this year.
BF bought this ...