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One Night Experience At Pullman Hotel, Kuching

Last month, I've won the one night stay at the Pullman Hotel from my workplace's lucky draw. Well, I consider myself lucky as I've just started my first day not long ago and already have won some prizes. Hehehe....

THe interior design of this hotel is really very attractive and nice. Although I didn't get attracted with any of the shops next to the hotels, I am indeed attracted with the hotel itself.

So, what should I do during the stay at Pullman? Most of us would take this opportunity to relax and clear off our mind from any stress and tension, either from work or home.
When I checked into the hotel, the first thing that came into my mind is the gym. Well, if you go round Kuching and asked for the membership price of any gym in Kuching, you will not believe how pricey it will be!

Also, I take this opportunity to visit the spa, jakuzzi or whatever which is provided by the hotels.

After the tiring 3 hours of gym, jakuzzi, spa, etc.. I finally settle down in my rooms …

Happy Valentines Day!

First of all, I would like to wish everyone Happy Valentines Day! I guess most of you must be out with loves one. As for me, I'm staying at home - resting. Kekekeke...

What is valentines? Valentine is always valentines as long as we cherish our partner. Valentine is someone whom we loves sincerely and purely. This includes families and friends too. I guess not everyone have the same thought as I do. I believe that if you cherish whoever that is close to you, they are your valentines.

I just got some gift from BF for this valentine. Not going to disclose all of it for now. One of it would just be an excuse for him not to jog with me - mp3 player. lol!

Anyway, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! For those without the other half, celebrate it with your friends and families. That will be fun too!