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Mars Have Snow!

Previously, a friend of mine had send me a forwarded mail regarding Mars. Yeah, its the planet Mars, not the mars chocolate. In the yahoo news, it actually shows that Mars have snow too!!
Back in the past, I've heard that there are scientist discover that Mars have oxygen that human needs to stay alive. There is talks as well that as Earth is getting older, human can migrate to Mars. I'm not so sure about how this could happen. Obviously the cost to fly all the human on Earth into Mars would be very cost damaging!
Again, today, there are news about more research in Mars. Eventually, scientist discover that Mars have snow. Apart from the gravity thingy, Mars eventually have snows falls on the ground!! For those who don't know what is Mars, it is the fourth planet from the lovely Sun in the solar system. The planet is name after the Roman god of war. Due to its reddish appearance, it is also known as the red planet. For more info about Mars, can go to the wikipedia.

The snow …

Lunch at Mr.Ho with JenJen

Yeah, this is one of the late posting. Last Monday, had a very good and fun lunch with JenJen who just came back to Kuching for a holiday. It's all girls outing for the whole afternoon. AppleJul and SK had already uploaded this posting into their blogs.

Shall I order ?
We enjoy chatting and making noises at Mr. Ho. I ordered Lamb Shank for my lunch. SK and Rosaline ordered mix grills. JenJen ordered lamb chop while AppleJul order pork chop.

Lamb Shank

Lamb shank not that tasty. Well, it's all meat with curry smells. The portion is actually too much for me. Anyway, food is the second priority here.

After the lunch, we decided to change our location to another place for further chit-chatting. We were discussing between the newly open Starbuck @Jalan Song or Bing! at Premier 101. After the final call is made, we moved on. While driving, I got blurred and call AppleJul to ask whether we should go to Starbuck or Bing. Luckily I called because I thought its Bing.

So off we went to Starbu…

4th Mile Food Court

As we all know, 4th ½ mile can be consider as food heaven for those who are hunting for foods with super many stalls. There are food court in front and even behind Everise. Recently, another food court is opened at the back of Ambank. Not only that, across the road near to 688, there are plenty of food choices as well.

I went to the food court at the back of Ambank the other day. What I like here is the atmosphere. It’s kind of hot though but there are plenty of choices here.

I think it is call the something Avenue. I ordered only ice lemon tea. The truth, I think the drinks here are a bit more expensive. The last time I ordered the ABC, I end up going to toilets several times. So, this time, I dare not order anymore.

BF as usual, 100 plus and his lunch. As I have already had my lunch, I just accompany BF. Not sure what is his order but it looks yummy. With the garlic+yam rice and the meat, I can say RM4 is worth the price.
BF likes to come here. As for me, I prefer cha kueh (at the stall…

Flyover vs Mother Nature?

As I mention in my previous blog that there will be new flyover at the Jalan Song-Jalan Tun Jugah, the worker began their works already.

It seems like they will widen the roads and make a lot of changes. I’m wondering how they can complete the work within 6 months time.
Well, personally I felt heartache seeing all the trees is gone. I can see the Kamdar store way from the traffic light. Previously, I wouldn’t be able to see anything but trees. I’m wondering whether they would plant the trees when the flyover is completed.

If I am to choose between the flyover and the trees, I would definitely choose the trees. During my UL, I usually went out with my dad on motorcycle. The other day, we pass that area to go to Premier 101. I can feel the heat of the sun. It is terrible!! It’s like I’ll get burnt by the sun. When the trees are still there, I feel windy and warm. Gosh, I miss the trees!!!

Hopefully this project can really complete in 6 months time. The roundabout going to BDC seems to be co…