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Happy New 2011

2010 is now just a memories and ahead of us, 2011 is another challenge that we must face up. I have not ready any resolution for 2011 yet. I just hope that everything will be just fine and by God’s will, everything will go on smoothly.

Recap from 2010, its been a very challenging and interesting year for me. There’s too many happenings that for a second, I would lost track of where and what I’m doing.

2010 memories:
- Registered and attending RCIA classes for confirmation
- Paid down payment for a new house which is still under construction
- Been accepted for IEEE paper presentation
- Went to Japan for the IEEE paper presentation
- Attended a pre marriage course
- Offered another job position, where I accepted it
- Went to US for a workshop on work related
- Settled study loan until below xxx, which is my target

What will be my 2011 resolution? Hhmmm…… What about you? Oh well, I hope that 2011 will be another sweet year ahead.. As sweet as the foods that I have here...

Osage Beach, Missouri

After being influenced by one of our colleagues, we decided to go to Osage Beach to get ourselves some branded stuff from the factory. The journey takes about 3 hours but we reached there in 2 hours time. Hhmm, I wonder if we will get any summons for speeding. Only 5 of us, instead of 8 went to Osage Beach.

Along the journey, I didn’t really sleep. The moment my eye started to close, one of my colleagues would wake me up. Sigh, excuse is that I must stay awake to accompany him talking to our ‘driver’. I got bored and start to play around with my camera, simply snap whatever photos of scenery out there.

When we reached there, our first stop is COACH factory store. Well, this is the main reason why my colleague wants to come here. We are very lucky that day as they have sales up to 50% plus total discount of 30% for items purchased. For example, if the bag itself has a discount of 50%, when you pay for the bag, the discounts you get are 50% + 30%. From the influence of all my friends,…

McGurk’s Public House

I must really admit that my blog is now polluted with more and more food pictures rather than about my life. Oh well, our life can’t go on without food, right? Hehehe…
If not mistaken, this Irish pub and restaurant is located at the O’Fallon town (or something like that). We passes by a Catholic church called the Assumption Church. I’ll post some photos of the church soon.
Most of the restaurant in US uses dim light. The environment is so comfortable that I think I could just fall asleep in no time. For this restaurant, I noticed that they have a big deer head hanging on the wall.
The restaurant is divided into two section – smoking and non smoking area. This is really something that we, Asian must learn. As the restaurant is packed with people, we had no choice but to sit at the smoking area.
Most of the food picture that I took in this restaurant is disappointing. I forgot to turn on the flash. Anyway, I love the soup here. It’s been a while since the last time I had some soup in one…

Snow in US

When I’m in US that time, winter is just the beginning. I did not really experienced the snow although I do see some tiny bit of snow, or I can say, more to ice.

There’s this one time where we had to scrap off the ice from the car before we headed to work. This is some experience and I must say that I understand now why some people just hated winter. Well, for me, I enjoyed it and eventually took some photos of having fun while the car is covered with ice!

I enjoy the ice and the cold. One thing good about the cold is that we don’t sweat that much. Hahaha .. Anyway, if there’s wind blowing in the icy weather, I must say that its terribly cold and you can feel it right into your bones.

Vince Asian’s Cuisine, St. Peters

After few days of western food meal, I must say that I really felt ‘lost’ in appetite. Amongst all the western food that I’ve had, I became anti-salad now. Haha! We decided to go for Asian foods instead. It must be really weird to eat Asian food in a western country. Oh well, I must admit that I really need some ‘home’ meal.

I can’t remember what I ordered except that the meal comes with rice. The portion is huge and I can’t finish them at all. Oh well, at least its Asian food, agree? Lol…
Ok, here’s some of the food pictures that I’ve captured..

Gosh, I can feel my stomach playing 'musics' now...