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Year End Expenses - My Dry Season

When year end is approaching, it also means my dry season is soon to come. Hahaha.. Some of you must be wondering why is that year end is my dry season. Well, to make it easy to understand, there are a lot of happening at the end of the year / early of the year. So, end of Dec-early Feb is actually my dry season.

I just heard that few of my friends is getting married end of Dec'08. At the moment, there are 3 of them. The other 2 is still unknown on the date while the other is end on Dec'08 (aiks, I forgot the date again...Amoi, if you read this, must must give me the invitation card!!)...

OK here it goes as of what's happening at this dry season:

1. X'mas Day
- Every year, my family would gather and give present to each other. So, this means, I need to buy something for my family and BF .. Estimation cost : RM250~300??? I haven't calculate yet..

2. Ang Pau for Wedding
- As I've said, there are 3 friends getting married in Dec'08. Estimation cost : RMX…