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Boulevard - First Day Opening
Feeling, bored, I bring myself to have a tour at the new shopping mall in Kuching - Boulevard. To my amazement, the crowd present today is really amazing. Everyone seems to get themselves busy at the new place. I have to park my car at the roadside near to Seng Goon. Phewwww!!!! I just realize that we have so many populations in Kuching. Hahaha,...
Well, there are about 4 floors, selling clothes, shoes, food, and lots more. Soon, I'll have KFC and Pizza Hut near to my house. Yippeeeee!!!!...
I am amazed looking at the bread house. Hehehehe.. So, I took a photo of it before I left.

Isn't that amazing? I seems to taste nice. I thought of take one piece and try it out. Can I?? Hehehe .. I know if I do that, the next place I'll end up would be the security room.Next - Kenny's Rogers .. Hehehe.. I will go there for mam mam .. Hehehehee.....

Christmas Time - Share it with your Loves One!!

In the past year, Christmas is celebrated with feast and gathering of families. But this tradition seems to fades away.

This year, I didn't put up the Christmas tree. Thinking of the mess I need to clean up once the Christmas is over, I felt reluctant to decorate anything. I guess, most of us don't even plan for this great occassion. Well, I bought some presents for the one close to me but didn't plan anything other than presents.

Christmas is the time for sharing, time to spend with family members and the loves one. It is the time to catch up with long lost relatives, friends and even your enemies. It is time to forgive the wrong that others had done for us.

I realize that, in this modern years, Christmas becomes the time where children think of presents and the adults busy with buying presents. What about the meaning of Christmas? It seems forgotten. Everyone is just rushing for the Christmas shopping without really understand …
It's Year End!!

Specially dedicated for those born in rat year! Just wrote it out when I'm thinking of someone. This poems resemble you!!

Day by day,
Weeks passes and years changing,
It's now going 2008!

Goodbye 2007,
Welcome 2008,
So as to welcome rat in our life,
What's the mission for new year?

Year of rat,
Good for rat,
May the rat grow fatter,
Enjoying the richness of the rat year!

Year of rat,
Good for rat,
May the rat grow spiritually,
Enjoying the gift of God all around!

Year of rat,
Good for rat,
Let the rat be humble,
In receiving all the richness of God's gift!
Facts of Life

Freedom has shaken, Safety are doubt, Life's are at stake, Is the beginning? This is the facts of life.

New trend had come, World are modernised, To the new era of century, Is this the beginning? Or is this the end?

Human are once humble, Egoistic grew within time, Material and money becomes priority, Power is all over the world, Is this the beginning? This if the facts of life.

Journey of life continues, Along the journey of decisions, That brings us to the destiny, Achieving own goals and dreams,
Seven seeds are lost, When greed empower us, To whom shall we blame? If not on our own?
Material, money & power, Is important but not the no 1, We can only plan, But He decides it all.
Everyone is going forward, For more comfort in life, Why don't we sit and listen? To the sound of the world.
Worldly possesion is important, But family and loves one comes first, That is the riches of all, This is the facts of life.
Time, Life .. Thank you !!
For someone that are special, as you know who you are ..

Days turning weeks, Weeks turning years, And years passes by like the wind blow, Loves too passing by and leave like the wind blow. True love, eternity love, fake love, puppy love, It takes all to be one kind of loves, Puppy love is sweet and funny, Fake love is heart storming, True loves is one of a kind, And eternity love are in external lifes. Been through all bad and good, You have been one of the kind, That shades and paint rainbows in my soul, For you I will shines, And for you I will love, To love and be loved, As I have found my soul mate.
Together we shake the earth,
And build the harmony of life,
And I pray this would be everlasting,
As you are the gift of God.

Everyone have weakness,
Inded Good remembers,
But only our greatness and not weakness,
As for Him, Everyone is great,
Yes, it's true, You too are Great!

North, East, South, West,
Does it matters the direction?
All I need is here,
All I have is here,
Just For You

Share this with everyone. Someone special gave this to me .. So sweet of him .. Thanks !!! He say it's a song but it sound like a poem to me. I like the poem@song very much !!! Oink Oink !!

When I see your smile,
Tears run down my face,
I cant replace and now that I'm strong,
I have figured out,
How this world turn cold,
It break throughout my soul,
And i know,
I'll find deep inside me I can be the one,
I will never let you fall,
I'll stand up with you forever,
I'll be there for you through it all,
Seasons are changing,
Waves are crashing,
And star are shining,
All for us,
Days grow longer,
And nights grow shorter,
I can show you I'll be THE ONE,
Because you're my....
You're my....
My whole heart,
Please dont throw it away,
Because I'm here for you...FOREVER...

Christmass Mood

I guess everyone is now in holiday mood like what I'm dreaming of now. Starting with public holiday on Thurs, follow by I'm taking leave on Friday, then weekends and later, work 1 day, off 1 day. Can't imagine how nice it was to be on leave for so long !! Hahahahahaha .......

Yesterday I went to Hock Lee Centre. Everyone is busy with Christmas shopping and some of the shops are already playing Chinese New Year songs. Hehehe ... I have done my early Christmas shopping couple of weeks ago and is now hunting for CNY clothes, glass, etc, etc, etc .. Hope I won't get pokai spending for CNY and also ANG PAU.. for wedding dinner.. Sob sob sob.. Not sure if it's a good thing but marriage is definitely an occassion that we must celebrate.. but.... WHY IS EVERYONE GETTING MARRIED THIS TIME??!!!!!! Cousins, friends, relatives.. alamak,... pokai liau....