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Green Road Kolo Mee

A lot of people tells me that the best kolo mee in Kuching can be found at Green Road. The other day, my dad ask me where to have lunch. I answer "Green road kolo mee". At first my dad thought something is wrong with my brain again. Of all places why green road and why kolo mee. Hahaha...
So off we went there for the kolo mee. I'm sure if it's the correct one but that's the only stall that sells only kolo mee. I ordered sky juice and my dad kopi-o peng.
Is this the correct stall??
There's a lot of people that order for take away. I guess I'm at the correct stall, seeing there are so many people 'tapao' and eat here.
While waiting for my food, I looked around and realize that they seems to have common customer eating at the stall. It was 10.30am and really HOT!!! Even with the fan, I just can't stop myself from sweating.
Although there are so many people ordering and 'tapao', their OTD is very good. I think it takes only 10 minutes for t…

Guilty of Intention

Lately, I've been thinking of what I can do to reduce my tax for next year. For this year, I won't need to pay that much of tax but for the year 2010 (pay at 2011), there's really in need of spending to reduce the tax amount.

BF say I'm doing good things with a reason. I must admit, I am guilty as it is. Last year, I've made some donation for the old homes organized by my church. One of the reason for the donation is because it is tax claimable. This year, as there's less tax, I didn't donate. Yeah, I'm guilty with my motives.

Last weekend, while walking at Boulevard, I keep thinking what gift that I should buy this year for the Christmas giftaway for the poor. As I pass through the book section, I ask BF to buy some English learning book and suddenly some thoughts came to me.. Why not I buy books instead of stationery? It will benefit more to the poor. Then the guilty thoughts came to my mind.. "At the same time, I can claim tax for the books too&qu…

Sushi King RM2 Bonanza Nov'09

Last Monday, JB, my colleague suddenly mention about the RM2 sushi king promotion which attracts everyone's attention. I sms BF about that and his first words "On leave Tuesday, want?". Pengzzz.. Well, I can't take leave on Tuesday due to meeting. Then he keep saying he cannot take leave on Wednesday. OK lor, but before I apply, his admin staff suddenly stop his application and tell him that there's no licensed forklift driver on Tuesday and there's chemical loading. So, postponed to Wednesday.
OK, half day Wednesday for the sake of sushi. Before we went for our sushi lunch, BF brings his car to complaint about the front light. We only manage to go Spring at 1.30pm. I'm damn hungry leh!!
The queue ...
When we got there, the queue is quite long. Thinking that it might takes a long time to wait, I buy myself Sugarbun ice-cream. I think the ice-cream sales during this promotion would definitely better than before. SK also had ice-cream while waiting. Kekeke..…

What Happen to 1% Service Charge for PTPTN????

Has anyone ever wonder what happen to the said implementation of 1% charges instead of 3% charges? I am extremely curious about it...In the budget 2010 mentioned earlier on, there's no update or anything at all about the service charge. Well, for others it may not be important. For me, this is extremely important!!Let me put it in calculation. If a person borrowed total loan of 50K, this means the charges per year would be 50,000 * 0.03 = RM1,500. But if it is 1%, the service charge is RM500! Do you see how much the difference is? Normally, I would pay more than my minimum amount but 1/7 of the amount goes to the service charge. I've calculate and it takes me another 4 years to pay off everything. But if the charges is reduce from 3% to 1%, I'll only need 2 years MAX!!Not everyone is as lucky as those lucky one, to be able to get into local uni. Due to my own anger and disatisfaction, I chose not to go Form 6 (which seems to be the only way to local uni). Local uni rejecte…

Boulevard Bazaar Paradise

The 4th floor of Boulevard is already open for public. I think they call it the bazaar. Well, it is a bazaar from the appearance.
I went there twice and I realize the stuff sold there is becoming kids toy.... There are plenty of stuff here and for those who wants to get something for their home, you can come here to have a look. They have sofa, chair, dining table, cabinets and even exercise equipment.
I'm thinking to buy bicycle here but after seeing the price, I have to think twice.. Hahaha, well, must think of something to reduce my 2010 tax.
Ok, the best part that I like about the 4th floor is the side stall which is setup to looks like a 'gerai', but it's not really a 'gerai'. Hehehe... See the lighting and the people here...
They have clothing too but it seems to be quite expensive and not exactly what I want...
Sorry, not much photo taken. I'm getting lazier in term of snaping photos