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Comfortable Lunch at House Type Coffeeshop

This is my first time be come to this place for a very simple home lunch.

I don't really know in English, how we call this area but in hokkien, we called it 'pek tiam teh' or in mandarin '8 dien di'. I guess anyone in Kuching would sure know where is this area.

Also, there's newspaper for those who wants to read them. Too bad, I can't read chinese newspaper.

It is indeed a house which they extended their car porch and turn it into a place to sell food.

It's a very relaxing and enjoying lunch with the feeling of back to 1990s'. Why I say that? Well, I have this as my drinks and it cost me RM1 only. For lunch, I can't remember what it is call but mee...

Librese Free Sample for All

Quite a long time ago (I think), I have applied online for a sample of Librese. I can't remember when is it and what's the website already - sorry for that.

Anyway, there's quite a lot of different types of Librese samples in the package. I must say - Librese is extremely generous with their samples!! I tried some of it already and it's actually not bad. Hhhmmm, I'll put into consideration...

Fire Drill Testing

Some new experience I had recently was to participate in the fire alarm testing in my office. Normally our facility department would just rings the bell and see our response in evacuating out of the building. But this time, it involves the response from the fire departments too.

Quite a unique experience though but I must say it's TERRIBLE HOT!!!!