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Laksa S’wak

Normally, when we talks about laksa Sarawak, normal thinking is to have it ready for us at any stall or maybe a well known restaurant.

Well, after asking about the ingredients and what the paste from JenJen is, I tried myself to make my own laksa. Hhmm, the paste must be from the “burung layang-layang” brand. This is easy to find. I thought that I’ll have to go to far unknown place but instead, it can be found in Unaco as well. As I don’t have belachan, I just try my luck in making simple laksa. Bought a packet of ‘santan’ as well.

Little Chicken on the Run

Run chicken, run!! Hahahaha…. My neighbor had gave us another pets. It’s a couple of local chickens. As expected, Pooh Pooh isn’t that fond of having other pets in the house. I think the chicks is already grown up and not very friendly.Each time I tried to catch them; they shouted (especially the female). Huhuhu….. Can’t wait for the hen to lay eggs for me to eat. Hahahaha!!!Lastime, I have a hen that can "berkokok"(can't remember what we called in English) oh!! Hahaha, very amazing hearing her doing the morning calls. If you immitate back, she would reply back with another morning calls. Hahaha...

Emergency phone number for Kuching People

Taken from SarawakViewer

1. Kuching Resident Office 082-243301
2. Kuching District Office 082-414310
3. Kuching City South Council 082-242311
4. Kuching City North Commission 082-446688
5. Padawan Municipal Council 082-615566
6. Fire and Rescue Services 082-256685
7. Bomba Kuching 082-417712/994
8. Sarawak General Hospital 082-257555
9. Triennekens (waste collector) 082-612300 (KCH) 086-253959 (BTU)
10. Kuching Water Board (emergency) 082-240069
11. Sarawak Tourism Board 082-423600
12. Radio Taxi 082-341818
13. Astro Service Centre 082-294188
14. Kuching Central Post Office 082-244141
15. Pustaka Negeri Sarawak 082-442000
16. DBKU Library 082-244403
17. Kuching Civic Centre Library 082-416030
18. Telekom 082-429191
19. Kuching Airport 082-454242
20. Airport Information Services 082-457373
21. Road Transport Department 082-628700
22. Natural Resources Environment Board 082-447488
23. Domestic Trade and Consumers Affairs 082-245202
24. Kuching Port Authority 082-482144
25. Meteorological Services Department 082…

Butter Cheese Cakes

** Mom's recipe. Share them with all of you.. Have fun in baking and all da best!!!

Ingredients:·6 eggs·6 oz butter·6 oz cheese·6 oz flour + ½ tea spoon baking powder·8 oz sugar·1 table spoon milk·A pinch of saltMethods:Beat butter and sugar together until white and fluffy.Add in egg one at a time.Continue beating until fluffy and add in milk and flour.Lastly add in ½ of the cheese and the remainder ½ put on the top and start baking.
Other cookies ... Honey Cornflakes .. This one is pretty simple, guess not going to put the recipies. All you need is butter, honey and cornflakes..

Stop Cruelty to Animals!!!

Few days ago, I read an article from TheStar about how some people manage the stray dogs in KL. It is so demotivating and also makes me felt ashame on those people.

Instead of properly taking the life of this helpless animals, they instead fractured the dogs' neck and cats were drowned or cloberred to death! OMG! What are these people had in their mind? What did those stray dogs did to deserve such death sentences?? It is not guilty to be stray dogs. Blame it on those who doesn't know how to takes care of their pets and left it to become stray dogs.

Before such punishment is done, can't they think why there is stray dogs and cats? It is all because of irresponsible people who thinks that they can takes care of dog but eventually fail to do so. They dump those puppies or kittens in rubbish areas or simply makes their pets as stray dog/cats!! Shame on them! I hope that they gets punishment for their in-humane behaviour.

As I mention previously about a dog which belongs to my ne…

Sarawak's Children Cancer Society (SCCR) - Give Hope, Go Bald

This morning, when I checked my facebook, there is one unread mails in my inbox. It is from "The Spring". Well, I clicked them and read what is the latest happening there.

I don't really read what "The Spring" use to send but this one is extremely interesting. One of the sentences in the message are:

"donate to celebrity blogger Kenny Sia, he will be having his head shaved on Thursday 12th February, 8.00pm. You may donate to his cause at"

First impression is Kenny Sia to get his head shave?? Wow, this is really interesting!! Frankly, I'm not his loyal fan and I only visit his blog maybe once a month or when someone told me something nice in his blog, then I'll go there.But, to see some well-known bloggers shave his head for good cause, this is really something very interesting.

So for those who know Kenny Sia, let's give donation so that by 12 Feb 2009, they manage to collect 50K so …