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Xmas Day II - Chef At Home, Hui Sing Garden

In celebrating the Christmas day, my family, BF and I went for dinner at a house western food called Chef At Home. It is located at Lorong 5, Hui Sing Garden. I suggested that we walked there but no one seems to agree with my suggestion. Hahaha... It is only 5 minutes walk from my home but I never been there for a meal.

Light of Hope
I've booked for a place earlier because it's Christmas day and I think most place would be filled with the hungry homosapiens. The service there is quite good and not like what I've heard before. Well, maybe they have improved on their service after getting feedbacks from the customers.

We parked the car at my cousin's house, which is right opposite the dining place. I thought that I'm the first customer as they told me that they opened at 6pm. Well, I'm wrong. I'm their third customer. HHmmmmm..... When I got the menu, it looks like a lot of menus are not listed. I asked the waitress there and she told me that it's Christmas …

Xmas Day - Part 1

Christmas morning sets my mood to 100% happy! Hahaha...

Ok, so what's your plan on Christmas day? For me, I went to church as usual. The choir for Christmas day is very much alive and I loves their singing! I tried to record the sound but it turns out not very clear. As usual, the church is filled with the follower of Christ. I take the opportunity to snap the photo of the Virgin Mary as it is lighted with candles.

After the mass, I called up godmum to ask if she wants to go for lunch. As usual, she doesn't feel like going out. So my dad and I went to Kenyalang. My first motive for the day is to buy the movies. Anyway, I end up didn't get anything but a while colored nail polish. I walked all round Kenyalang and saw a lovely white sandals. Just when I'm about to ask for my size, I realize that it is for kids. Sobs...

So after the short 'eye washing', I went food hunting. As I have already booked for dinner tonight, I'm thinking of something not very heavy. I o…

Happy New Year 2010 Everyone

As we breath, time passes by,
Holding us and moving us forwards,
Towards our dreams and goals,
So that dreams comes true.
Be it a bad or a good year,
2009 is now behind us,
Leaving us a great memory,
Memories or laughter and tears,
To sweeten our journey of life.
Forwards is our journey,
Backwards are the memories,
Let us all move forwards,
And celebrates the future of 2010!
Welcoming 2010 with gladness,
Let's seek guidance from the Mighty Ones,
To lead us through challenges and obstacles,
Growing us spritually and mentally,
Throughout the years and futures in front.
Worldofdidi just a humble blog,
But deep in thoughts and hearts,
Wishing everyone indeed,
A very Happy New Year 2010!

Xmas Eve - JJ Cafe

Yeah, indeed I'm still working on Christmas eve but, I can say that my soul is filled with the spirit of Christmas the whole day!

As it was Christmas Eve, BF and I planned to eat something better for lunch. Original plan was KFC. As we always say "We plan, HE decides". Well, that's what happened to our lunch menu for Christmas eve.

The day before Christmas eve, BF struck 'jackpot' that causes him a visit to car workshop. lol, are you thinking the real jackpot?? Hehehe..

So before our lunch, we went to nearby tyre shop (don't ask me why tyre shop) to see if they can repair the damage. I keep says "very good" to him because I think it's his fault that he hit the car in front of him. The shop is unable to repair the car. All they manage to do is to secure that the 'bonet' will not fly up when he is driving. He had to go to the real workshop to repair the damages. While waiting for him, I stand at the side of the shop, clueless. In killing …

Avatar - The Movie

Have anyone watch the movie? BF is thinking to go watch 3D for this movie. Most of the people that I ask would definitely commented that it will be a miss if I don't watch it. Hhmmmmm .....

Dinner as Sarawak Club

During the Christmas season, S'wak Club are decorated with lots of lighting from the entrance of the club, till the inner of it. I'm really amazed at the effort in bringing up the spirit of Christmas.

Last week, I went to Sarawak Club for dinner. Thanks to my cousin who treat us for the food. At first, I totally forgotten about taking photos of the food but when my phone rings as there's sms, I remembered about taking the photo of the foods. Hahaha ...

I can't remember what drinks we ordered as my focus is on the food itself. Kekekeke.... I ordered my old time favourite, Spaghetti Bolognese while my dad ordered the Chicken Chop. Cousin ordered Crispy Mee in Cantonese Style while her hubby ordered spaghetti bolognese too.

Chicken Chop, not sure how it taste but it looks delicious

For side order, she ordered for us fried quail and sushi. Sorry guys, I totally forgotten the name of the sushi. Being me, I only know how to eat rather than remembering all those Japanese sushi na…