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Out of Idea

Lately, my posting is getting more and more boring with meaningless write-up. Oh well, I just can't motivate myself enough to write a good posting. I felt lazier as I'm getting older and with so many things coming in my life. 

My life nowadays seems to be packed. From Monday to Friday, work start at 8am till 5.30pm. After finish my dinner, bath and feeding all the animals at home, it will be around 8.30pm. By then, all I want to do is sit and do nothing. Sigh! Time flies everyday. Weekend will be like usual - spring cleaning at home and do nothing. Once a month, I'll go for facial to extract all the dirt from my face.

With my new project, my life seems busier than ever. After tidy up everything, I will start my pillow project - making small pillows. I hope i'll keep myself motivated until the completion of my pillows.

Some of you might be wondering, why am I making pillows? Oh well, this picture will speaks for me...

This mean, every month, I need to go for routine che…

Dine @ Porkies, Jalan Song

This is the first time I came here and I think it is quite a nice place to hang out with friends. For those who prefer to have a drink at some decent place,  you can think of here. Located at Jalan Song, it is very easy to find the place (just right behind OneJaya).

I like the food here. Pardon me for the blur picture. My phone is almost out of battery which result in the blurred pictures. Sigh! I should really remember to bring camera each time there’s an occasion!! Also, I don't have any idea of the name of this meal. It is all ordered by my colleague  Anyway, some introduction of a different type of alcolhol – Strongbow. This is one type of German beer that is made of apple cider. It is said to be good for health (how true? Obviously, I had no idea!). I will definitely give it a try some other day. As for now, I had to keep myself away from every alcohols. 

Kuching Central Food Court

This is actually quite a late post. Not long after the Kuching Central food court open, I pay a visit there to have a taste of the food. Overall, I like the design of the food court. There’s not many people at that time compare with the usual jam during weekend. It is quite a cozy place to have lunch. I doubt it for dinner because before you manage to get to the food court, you need to hunt for a parking space first. Price wise – reasonable. For RM3, you can get fresh orange juice and it taste nice! It’s not 99% sugar like other places.