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Why Women Keep Repeating Words @ Nagging?

This morning, when talking to BF in the car, I realize I have been repeating certain things more than one time, or I can say most of the times. And this makes me wonder.

Guys always says women likes to nag for nothing and always repeats what we say. Well, let me put a scenario as of why women always repeat:

GF: "Don't drive cross the iron too fast. It spoil the tyre"
BF: "Too late, already pass the iron"
GF: "Why you always drive cross the big iron. Forgot or too late to react?"
GF: "How come need to remind all the time"
BF: "Why always nag?"
GF: "Because it seems like no matter how many dozens time we mention things, the input seems to be missing all the time"

Guys/Girls, I made some conclusion as of WHY women must repeat things to GUYS:
No matter how many times we say, it just never enter into the guy's brainGuy is more "never mind" attitude while for girls, we are more concern in the little tiny bit of things BUT…

Melamine? Munchy's Biscuits Do Malaysia Proud?

There is an article in TheStar a while ago that says Munchy's Biscuits do us, the Malaysian proud. Also government had encourage consumer to go for local foods instead of imported items. How true is this? Well, based on the article in thestar, it sounds like Munchys is really a grand choice for us. Personally point of view, I like Munchys. I really like the biscuits because of its taste and packaging! Haha.... TheStar Article :, I read another articles that mentions melamine is found in Munchy's biscuits. I was like.. WHAT????? I thought that it is assured that Malaysia made product is save from melamine?? Why is it that it is shown now our very own make Malaysia proud biscuit is being said to contains melamine in HK? HK article: my question now, what biscuits is 100% free of melamine? Can …

7-Up It's So Refreshing Advertisement

I can't help but laughing when I see this advertisement....
Doesn't give me a second thought whether to publish in my blog or not ..
Enjoy ya !!!

Avoid ATM Theft - Tips for All

I found one of my recent forwarded mail is very useful for all. It is about how an ATM theft try to steal from a person. Here is briefly what is the agenda:
First, this culprit will pretend to use the ATMHowever, he is actually placing a trap to get the next user's ATM card. They would normally come in a team, so that the second person can alert if there is anything amiss. After placing the trap, he got out from the ATM and wait for potential victim. When the victim insert his/her card, the card gets confiscated. At this point, the theft will come in for his aid, pretending to be nice. All this is to get the glimpse of his pin number. After some suggestion and lies, the theft will then convince the poor victim that his card is faulty. The victim had no choice but to leave the machine without the card. Here's what the theft will do. After making sure the area is cleared, he confiscated the card, use them and enter the pin number, and withdraw money like that's his card!!!!


Photo Transformation with Modern Technology - Photo Funia ( I )

After reading some posting in AppleJul, I tried this PhotoFunia myself. I created some pretty funny picture of myself, BF and my dog.

I like this picture the most......

Superstar?? Oh no! I have competitors.. He got secret admirer!!.

BF going to kill me for putting this picture...

Hey!! That's my dog!!Shooooosh!!!

At the center of what she always wanted...
A space dog!

Wow!! I'm in David Bechkham's phone....!

Me, in the centre of the busy street of .... London?

Wah!! I'm so famous .... Who is prettier? The Garfield or me? Haha....
Couple of the year? Hiak hiak hiak....

Anyone wants to have fun with the modern technology?? Click PhotoFunia!

American Got Talent - Semi Final ..

Recently, I've been hookup with this movie. It's not really a movie actually. It's about America looking for talented American. This week, they have announced all the finalist that managed to get through the semi-final.

One of them that I really like his singing is Kashif. He performs the talent of singing. Hahaha!! Well, he actually sang an Indian song. I don't know what is he singing but his voice definitely can fight with Bollywood stars!

On the other hand, BF keep on voting for Boy Syakira. Alamak! This must be the influencial from company cafe! Boy Syakira is actually a guy but was doing dancing and acted like a lady. He is a pondan!!! My company has a lot of pondans'.. I do admit he is good in shaking his butt and showing off his big fat tummy but other than that, I found him disgusting!! I mean, seeing his fat tummy twisting, turning and flipping around, it really makes me can't stop laughing. Maybe he is trying to be a performer? Hahaha.. But he sure funn…

It's Life

It's life ... life is like a book that is full with stories

The moment...
On this 22.10 marks the day when I tender my resignation. 'einstein' didn't say much but accepted it. That is easy to handle. But couple of minutes later 'bb' ask me to go to his room for talk. Well, I end up guilty and sleepless night for the whole weekend.
Anyway, I have a lot of reasons why I decided to go. First of all, 'old man' had asked me and gave me enough time to think of it before telling him. He can meet my demand for salary too. Couple years ago, he ever ask me to go over his department. Although he promise promotion and increment if I go over, I rejected him and introduce my friend to work with him. Reason is because I still wants to handle my 'baby' and I still have plenty to learn from 'bb'. Other reasons, only 'old man' knows and he understand the conflict that I have with someone.
It is suppose to be me and 'einstein' to leave t…

Rob Victim Being Accused Back by Robbers?

This morning, I read one news in thestar title "Man mauled by dog found dead". Well, the stories mentioning that the guy, first try to rob a guard but was later being attacked by both the guard and his dog. The guard put on fight when the fella try to rob him.

However, the robbers died. And the guard is being detained for investigation. I felt very weird about this.. Why detained the guard? He is just trying to protect himself and his dog is trying to protect his master!!!

I don't know about all of you but for me, I felt so weird why is the guard seems to be getting back when at first place, he is not at fault. I hope and pray that justice can be given to him. For me, he did nothing wrong but protecting himself. So as his dog..

Wednesday October 22, 2008Man mauled by dog found deadTAMPIN: A man, who allegedly tried to rob a security guard and was believed to have been bitten by a dog in the incident, was found dead hours later covered in bruises.The 29-year-old had allege…

Millionaire is Still Human - Stay Humble

I got this article from a friend .. It is a very meaningful article that tells us to stay humble no matter how rich we are. If we don't cherish what we got, it will go away one day. God gave us fortune not for us to waste it but for us to help each other and to stay low.

Most people, when they got rich, they forgotten their root, which is a very bad example of life. Rich doesn't mean you are king. We will never be a king as the greatest king is our HIM who sees us from the sky....

Here it goes...... Let's learn from this ............

A Blog Post by Singapore 's Youngest Millionaire

ByAdam Khoo In Money |

Some of you may already know that I travel around the region pretty frequently, having to visit and conduct seminars at my offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Suzhou (China). I am in the airport almost every other week so I get to bump into many people who have attended my seminars or have read my books.

Recently, someone came up to me on a plane to KL and …

Exchange Rate AUD vs MYR (Newbies here)

Lately, there are a lot of uncertainties in our world financial stability. Take for example, Australian money. I have put my focus in checking on AUD performance for few days.

There is some news saying that the exchange rate for AUD will reduce again in the next 5 months. As of the exchange would drop to how much, that is very uncertain. Some says AUD will drop 50 cents further. However looking at the trend, it seems to be going up. As of 20th Oct, AUD-MYR is 2.447, compared with Sep'08, reaching 2.9 exchange rate.

I'm thinking of small investment into this money thingy and is still very new with the research. But, taking this as a step into another part time income, here are some of my thoughts about AUD-MYR.

Let say, I took out RM1000 into this investment. If I am to purchase the AUD based on the currency stated, in 20th Oct, it would means, I am to get ~AUD 408. OK.. Let's say in 1/2 years from now, the rate rise up to the normal as per Sep'08, which is 2.9. By exchang…

Advertlets vs Nuffnangs

Not long ago, I have Advertlets and Nuffnangs. However, I have removed my nuffnangs advertisement when it didn't generate any revenue at all..

I read super many forums that mentions the comparison of nuffnang and advertlets. It seems to me that most people is complimenting on Nuffnangs.. Hhhmmmm...

I guess it's time for me to add my Nuffnangs back on track and let it there for few months before I start to judge anything ...However, there is also a remarks from some bloggers saying that Nuffnang cannot be placed together with Advertlets. But, I have also seen many bloggers that have both Advertlets and Nuffnang together, which is contradicting with another blogger.. Hhmmm.....

Anyone, any advise how to generate more revenue? I need some advice!!

Jokes for Tuesday Morning

Got this from another junk mail .. This is nice to cheer up our Tuesday work mood!

............ .......... .......... ......... ......... ......... ......... .

Teacher : History is a very interesting subject. It tells you about what had happened in the past.
Student : Please teacher, I don't think I want to study history.Teacher : Why?
Student : There is no future in it.

............ .......... .......... ......... ......... ......... ......... .

Teacher : Ted, if your father has $10 and you ask him for $6, how much would your father still have?
Ted : $10.Teacher : You don't know maths.
Ted : You don't know my father!

............ ......... ......... ......... ......... .......... .......... ........

Mother : David, come here.
David : Yes, mum?
Mother : You really disappoint me. Your results are getting worse.
David : But I will only get my report book tomorrow.
Mother : I know tha…

Life for the Weekend Thrill

It's been few round posting where I didn't mention anything about my life. I guess I should post something about what I do and what's life is all about. Hehehe..

After taking a half day on Friday, first, I went to give my IC to JenJen's boy's mother. Just been told that apart from being the bridesmaid, I'm also their witness. Wow!! That's really an honour oh..

Then, went home for my super craving for maggie mee and then went off with BF to Ambank. Of course I'm not robbing the bank!! Hahaha .... After that, went to have some walk in Boulevard, saw few nice sandals. Planning to grab one by Nov'08 to match with my dress on the actual day. Kekeke...

After few hours walking around, BF and I actually sat in the cafe like it's our home! Lying behind the wall, I 'duduk bersila' while BF too is having his leg up. Whahaha!!! Hey, it's pretty tiring when you had walked all round with high heels, ok!

Then, later in the evening we went to Pasar Mal…

Jokes for Monday Morning

This is a nice one .. got from one of my junk mail.. Have a nice Monday!!

Prior to joining a new company, this guy A was working at boat quay area.

In those tall building offices like UOB and such. His office was quite high up the level at least 30 and above. Normally he will have to stay back for OT and in the evening, all the lifts will be stopped due to security reasons. Whenever he wanted to leave, he will need to call the old security uncle to activate the lift from ground floor to his level. Then the uncle will send the lift up.

After some time, he left the company and joined another place where his office also very high up in the building. Hence if do OT, also need to call uncle to send lift up. Then it came the day that he's working OT
for the first time at the new place. He stayed back till 12 plus am

When he's about to leave, he called the security uncle to send the lift up. After packing up he went to the lobby to wait for the lift.

He waited and waited. 10 mi…