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Weekend Shopping Spree

I spend my weekend with shopping for the 2 days. Hahaha.. But don't be surprise as I only spend less than RM50!!! Reason?? Well, something got into my head that make me don't feel like buying anything.

Here it goes:
Saturday, 10am onwards :
- Went to Matang to look for MOI MOI Boutique to check on the price of making on dress. If you did read on JenJen Blogs, then you definitely know what I'm talking about. Hahaha.... Here are the quotation:

Clothing material = RM55*3(meter) = RM165
Workmanship = RM60
Linen, etc etc(can't remember what coz she talk very fast) = RM120 + RM60
Total = RM405/- !!!!!!!!

So, making a dress is out of the question!!
Then, I went for a tour around the place. Bought some flowers for my mom.

Next place is Hock Lee Centre. When we got there, it was very hot. The smell at the staircase going to the shopping is extremely smelly!!! I can't understand how can someone pee on the staircase. Yucks!!!

Went to few shops but I was not in the mood of shopping. Rea…