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Buah Salak - amazingly tasty !!

Couple of days ago, a friend of mine came back from Miri. He bought some fruits as souvenirs. The fruits – “buah Salak”. I use to saw this fruits whenever I pass the bus terminal in Niah, Miri but I never buy them as I do not know how to eat them.

On appearance, the fruits are dark red and a bit of chocolates. The skin looks like snake skin of the size of a golf ball. When I saw it, I dare not eat as it looks like not edible. I didn’t even know how to eat them!! Hehehehe …

Well, my friend shows how he peels off the ‘snake’ skin. At first, I don’t know how to peel it off but I learn it after a few trials. It’s like peeling off the skin of boil eggs. Hahaha…. (or am I dreaming of boil eggs now??)The inside are totally different from outside. It looks nice with its white colors (reminds me of rambutan). I try one bite and it taste a little bit sour and also sweet. The taste is unique and crunchy. The seeds inside is also chocolate color, as smooth as durian…