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A Trip to Mt Singai

It's been a long time that I've wanting to come to Mt. Singai but I just get too lazy to get it done. Sighhh..!! But I should say that I really need to be grateful that I met my this colleague of mine.

With her determination and our ideas of planning this trip, I finally get my butt up to Mt. Singai. Yeah!! It's not an easy task of walking up the stairs but once we reach up there, it's worth all the effort. Hehehe...

We start our journye by meeting up at the coffee shop in Hui Sing. I bought some mee while bf ate kolo mee there. I just take some kueh as breakfast.

For those who wants to help them, you can help them by carry some bricks up. This will definitely lessen their burden of bringing all the bricks up for renovations.

I plan to snap photos of all the station of the cross. BUT when I got home, I realize that I only have 10 station of the cross. Where's the rest? Sobs...

The stairs isn't easy for old people but if you go up slowly, you definitely can rea…