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The Spring - Opening of 2nd Floor

MBO Cineplex, the latest cineplex in town is now here! Those who register as member gets to enjoy RM1 discount for every movie ticket.
I went to have a look around the other day to show my support to The Spring. Well, the truth, not much stuff here although there are a lot of small stall at the 2nd Floor. For those Hello Kitty fans, you should visit the 2nd floor!

I didn't take much photos around because everywhere I go, I'm becoming the sales girl targets. When I take one step forward, she too, one step forward. For me, it's very irritating to get a tail behind me, following like I'm a guilty target. Anyway, didn't find anything that interest me, mainly is because of the price.
The fountain of chocolates There's one foodie shop that attract me though. But after a while, I realize that the drink serve there is actually bubble milk tea sort of drinks. There's no new drink been created. Bought one glass out of curiousity...
Double Chocolate With Jelly
Anyway, bes…

Boulevard - City Mega Store

Did you know that Boulevard is finally launching its 4th floor? They call it the City Mega Store. I went there couple of times already. Hahaha!
Well, it is extremely spacious and a lot of variety of stuff can be found here. I like the way the set up the whole store. Anyway, not going to write much. I'll let the picture speaks for me.

Nice looking design of vase

This is where you can keep your kids quiet
All Sorts of Lighting

German Shepherd?
The Ramadhan Stall

P/S: 5th Floor is coming up next .... They call it the sky xxxx (xxx - I can't remember whether it is bazaar or paradise or something else)
Escalator going up the 'sky'

The stairway to the sky

Waterfront Kuching, Sarawak

For those who stayed in Kuching, you will know where is Waterfront. It is in town area, opposite Hilton. When I'm still studying in secondary school, I use to come here whenever I have extra curriculum. This place has a remarkable memory of 5 years. I still remember that there is one time we use the boat to go across to visit the Fort Magherita. My friend is so scared when the boat can't stop trembling due to imbalance weight between both side.

OK, cut the crap. Well, waterfront is just a path near the riverbank. It is one of the must go hot spot. So, don't miss it out if you intends to come to Kuching for a visit.

I thought some snap of the photos (a few only). Our first intention going ther
e is actually to have a peep on the recently discovered tunnel which is believed to be built during the war with the Japanese. Pardon me with bad history in my head. From what I heard, the tunnel are built as an escape road for citizens at that area if the place is invaded. Well, that…

Dog on Top of the Gate

Anyone ever seen a dog so eagerly standing at the top of the gate? Well, I have one that is very eager to stand as high as she can. Even if standing as high as she can would means that someone have to carry her up. Guess what is she concentrating there. The answer is simple: When there's boy, there's girl looking. So, when there are male dog, the female would surely delighted to watch over him.


I wish everyone ... HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!! MERDEKA!!! And also ... HAVE A NICE HOLIDAYS !!! And also ... DON'T PLAY TOO MUCH ya .. Tomorrow's working ...