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I've Got Mail From Google

I guess this month is really a good month for me.

First, my dad bought me a new shirt for my birthday. Then, BF too bought me a new skirt. I bought myself a new shirt too! OK, this might sound normal.

I've been waiting half dead for post mail from Google. Finally the letter is here!! Yippie!! To make the news happier, it cames right before my birthday! YES!! I can activate my account once again and start to earn.

For those who know about this, well, we need the googles adsense post mail regarding the PIN in order to re-activate the account. One good thing about this is that, we can securely trust Google Adsense as they do not depend only via virtual images but also by post!

When I got it last night, I can't wait to release my account from being on hold any further. Yes!!!

For those who still waiting for the mail, let me give some summary. It would takes about 4-6 wks for google to send the letter to you. And if you do not receive them, you can request for another one once the fir…

Weekend Plan

Let me start my blog with the word ... its' FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! Yippeeee!!! And do you know what makes it more interesting? I'm on leave on MONDAY ... Yeah!!! 3 days OFF ... whahaha... hey, don't envy me ya ...

While talking to my colleague just now, I just learn what is ABC special means! It actually means Air Batu Campur special. Hahaha .. Ooppsss, I'm damaging my blog with babbling again ..

Yaya, I'm happy!! Because it's FRIDAY!! And also because I have plan for this weekend:
Saturday - buy chicken, lamb, hot dog for BBQ on Monday (not working bah)
Sunday - got dinner at Lok Thian (fooood, here I come!!)
Monday - 12am : open prezzie by BF. He promise to give me on Saturday (with condition I learn the asam fish recipe and give it to him, huhuhu...)

Yippie!! It's almost time to go home... Going to upload all the picture from my camera and publish them here... Yayaya!!!

Home sweet home.. I'm coming ...

Lantern Festival

Happy Lantern Festival!! Or is it mooncake festival? Hehehe...

Yesterday was the celebration of lantern festival. I took this chance to be kid again. Hehehe, by putting 4 lantern all round my house, I feel young again. Hahaha!! Actually I thought I have a lot more left over from last year's lantern but I couldn't find them. Can only manage to find 4, which one of them is 'gundam', one dolphin and the other 2 is "Hello Kitty". Sorry, no pictures because that night I'm too busy replacing the candles and consoling my dog.

As the lantern is with shapes, so I can't use a longer candles. Because of this, I used a shorter candle and need to change new on every 15 minutes. But it's fun. I feel young again! Hahaha... BF came to my house and I pretend 'merajuk' because he didnt buy me more lantern to compete with the little boys next door. Hahaha...

I heard some people is celebrating the festival by playing fire crackers too. Because of this, I nee…

Adsense Payment On Hold

I wonder why is it that after requesting for the PIN number for more than 3x, I haven't got the pin yet. And my adsense keep asking me to enter the pin. Hhhmmmm,...

How am I suppose to enter the pin when I haven't even got any pin number yet???? I've send an email to them and there is no response at all!! Hhhmmppfff...

Actually I feel a little bit irritated here because adsense keep sending email to ask me to verify my pin number but I've been waiting like crazy for that pin...

Yeah, I'm mumbling in the morning of Monday... But I can't help when I see my payment is on hold due to this PIN .. !!!!